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Forensic equipment
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Forensic equipment, test & find out if your partner is cheating on you.

Forensic equipment offers you another option if you need to confirm the facts. Sometimes evidence is not clear enough to show that somebody is a love cheat. However, the basic Checkmate detection kit will save you lots of time and money. You can use the equipment yourself, so you don’t need to pay an expensive private detective.

Infidelity testing.

The Semen spy and Checkmate infidelity test kits confirm the presence of Semen on clothes or any surfaces. So they are used on just about anything that may have come into contact with Semen, reliable, offering a 100% guaranteed results.

Forensic phone recovery.

Have you ever used forensics for scanning a suspect mobile phone? You will not believe how easy it is to use our forensic equipment. Other forensic gadgets offer similar factual evidence through the recovery of data. Our forensic phone recovery tools will recover deleted data as well as standard content from a mobile phone. Some forensic products provide the perfect solution to recover deleted pornographic images from a computer hard drive. This USB based forensic gadget will retrieve deleted pictures and scan the hard drive for anything suspicious.