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Encryption is necessary to keep your data private. Just using your mobile phone offers cybercriminals so much information.

There are very few encryption products on the market that will withstand an advanced cyber attack. Many security products are not strong enough to stop an advanced penetration test. If you need to secure your mobile phone communications, then you will need a robust messenger system in place that can stand up to the task.

Obsolete encrypted systems.

As times goes by, you, need to change tactics due to obsolete security software and redundancy. Many systems that were once secure become old and compromised open to attack or vulnerabilities due to modern innovation. Staying up to date with current security software will enable you to stay protected from interception and cybercriminals.

Encrypting from the beginning.

Many years ago, basic cyphers sent sensitive content over the radio airways. You may be familiar with the story of Bletchley Park in world war two. Enigma was the most advanced cypher used by the German army during the war, broken by the British at Bletchley Park.
Sins then encryption has become far more complex and sophisticated.
These days some cypher system can even withstand an attack from a quantum computer; this is the standard for robust encryption today.