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Bug sweep & counter surveillance services for corporate and private clients.

Do you need a bug sweep or something different?

Life can be a challenge sometimes, and the last thing you need to worry about is somebody spying on you or your business, prying into your private life. Although the thought of being spied on or a bugging system seems “extreme or silly” you might wonder what if? imagine that your private life is your business? In short, leaking private information will affect your lifestyle and business image at the very least. We all know that sharing sensitive information is detrimental to any strategy.

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Bug sweep services v risk.

Some surveillance situations can present more severe consequences, especially when it comes to money or valuables. Robbery is a real threat with criminals deploying state of the art spy electronics in some circumstances. You don’t have to be a victim? Some simple tests and changes allow you to gain the upper hand. Moreover, you can prevent a robbery or fraud if you find a spy device beforehand.

General bug sweep & information gathering.

In days of old, detecting a bugging device was quite straight forward, provided you had a radio receiver. To date, bugging devices can be very well hidden & send stealth signals at pre set times. Some electronic surveillance systems do not transmit a signal at all, and some methods for extractive digital information, does not not use a physical device.

Modern bugs don’t just pick up and transmit voices; they can almost snatch information and data out of the air over Wi-Fi and mobile phone GSM networks. As bugging techniques become smarter, so do the detectors & methods required to find them.

Bug sweeping methods have improved vastly, especially in the last six or seven years. It’s now much more complicated to detect bugs. So if you engage a detection company or service, you need to know that it’s up-to-date, and are using the correct equipment & approach.

TSCM bug sweep industry.

Bug sweeping is an increasingly popular service. Over the last 15 years many detectives & similar, have started to offer bug sweep service? An industry has sprung up, very quickly to offer the service. However, not all companies can promise accurate or reliable results because they don’t have the right depth of experience, or knowledge within the electronic Technical Surveillance Counter- Measures area.

Bug sweeping & myths.

Non linier junction detector

Checking for hidden spy devices is still considered a dark art, only experienced providers know how to address the task properly. Bug sweeping is not a service that can guarantee success? The service constitutes an examination, & process of elimination. Without the right mindset, the sweep is flawed, and without understanding the psychology behind tactical elements for extracting information, there is no direction? Experienced professionals who know what’s possible and what is not possible, and can evaluate properly. Equipment is necessary but only aids to speed up the talk. Specific equipment does not guarantee the quality of your service.

Experience is fundamental.

The essential points below provide you with some insight into bug sweeping and points of interest. Moreover, it leads to a better understanding of the task. If you apply some logic to the increasing workload, then consider somebody, who is offering a bug sweep service for a small fee. You could conclude the proposed service is going to be a wait of time. Either the provider does not understand what they’re doing or they will just be offering a service that’s not good enough.

Basic bug sweep essentials.

  • Will you be looking for all the different types of wireless audio bugs?
  • Can you find filming equipment & bugs that are not transmitting?
  • Will you look at my CCTV and Wi-Fi security networks?
  • Can you check my digital phone line and phone system?
  • Do you have the capability to discover dormant bugging devices?
  • Will you analyse my internal and external Wi-Fi networks?
  • When is best to conduct the inspection and how long will it take.
  • Do you need my mobile phone for tests?
  • Do you have to drive my car to check for GPS tracking equipment?
  • What sort of bugging devices may be present in my vehicles.
  • Do you check my computer for Malware and Trojan spyware?
  • Can you explain to me in simple terms what you will be doing?
  • Do you provide a full consultation service before and after the task.
  • Do you have to check my staff or other people close to me?
  • Is what you are doing legal and am I breaking the law in any way?
  • Is it true that somebody can hack through my phone and view images through the cameras?

Some of the points above, give you a basic idea of the task. There are further points to evaluate and to consider during a consultation. A bug sweep service should be tailored to the specific requirement, with a view to exploring outside possibilities during the scan.

Counter surveillance pricing.

We have seen too often, companies offering services for very high premiums? No two bug sweeps would command the same price due to several factors. However, spending unnecessary exploration time in the wrong area of the task, costs money, and is often not necessary. With the right mind set, using the right bug detection methods and equipment, you can streamline the time taken to complete the analysis, essentially keeping the costs within the budget.