PRO-W10GX bug detector directional spy signal locator

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PRO-W10GX Bug detector is a spy signal analyser and TSCM device, unique it’s detection properties.
Able to scan a very large RF frequency band width in real time – the detector will quickly point you to the source of the spy signal with an advanced spectrum analyser operating on the LCD display and highly directional antenna for precise analysis.

PRO-W10GX - full range digital RF analyser - 0 to 10 GHz.

The PRO-W10GX is a handheld wideband bug detector is designed to detect and locate signals from the very latest covert listening, tracking, cellular, and video devices. With a completely new hardware design the PRO-W10GX packs new features that have never been seen before in a handheld RF detector. It features a 0–10 Ghz RF frequency range with unrivalled sensitivity particularly at higher frequencies for the growing threat from the latest super high frequency devices.

A new intelligent frequency-counter design has been implemented that can now display most digital frequencies as well as analogue signals up to an unprecedented 6 GHz. Detected signal strength is shown on a 20 element bar graph, enabling the user to locate the precise source of any detected signal. The frequency of the detected signal can be seen simultaneously and the new ‘Live scan’ software shows the detected live signal pattern graphically to help identify the signal type.

This can be particularly useful when searching for pulsing or burst devices such as GPS trackers. The PRO-W10GX features a 1000 Event Memory Log that stores all detected signal data including any short Burst transmissions, their frequency, duration and signal strength. These are shown in an easy to read list format for the user to scroll through. If required the user can switch to Live Graph Mode where up to one hour of detected signal and frequency data is recorded and plotted on a graph.

These memory functions ensure the user does not miss any detected events and are invaluable for helping the user determine exactly what type of signal has being detected. Signal strength can be monitored used in audible ‘Beep’ Mode or Silent Vibrate Mode for discreet or concealed use. Detected signals can be listened to via the built in speaker using the Audio Demodulation feature, useful when detecting conventional analogue bugging devices that contain microphones.

The PRO-W10GX is supplied with two antennae: a conventional omni-directional whip antenna for general use and a new high gain directional antenna for pinpointing high frequency signals at greater distance. The PRO-W10GX is designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest specification and is enclosed in a customised machined aircraft-grade aluminium enclosure. It uses an integral Lithium-polymer battery pack and is supplied with an international charger. The complete system is supplied in a heavy duty military standard carry case for ultimate protection.

  • Ultra-wide frequency response 0 -10 GHz with improved top end performance
  • Detects the very latest covert listening, tracking, cellular, and video devices
  • Frequency Counter 0-6 GHz for analogue and digital signals
  • Live scan feature shows live detected signal trace
  • 1000 Event Memory Log records all detected Burst signals & frequencies
  • Graph Mode plots detected signals / frequencies
  • 2.5 inch Colour TFT display
  • Ultra-sensitive – even at very high frequencies
  • Two antennae supplied –High Gain Directional antenna and standard Whip antenna
  • Detects Digital & Analogue signals
  • Audio Demodulation through built in speaker
  • Signal Strength ‘Beep’ and Silent Vibrate Mode
  • Machined Aluminium Enclosure for maximum durability
  • Internal Lithium Polymer battery pack – Charger supplied
  • Supplied in Heavy Duty Military Standard carry case


  • Semi-Rigid Multiband Whip Antenna
  • Directional High Gain Antenna
  • 5V DC Charger - 110V to 240V AC input (Auto Switching) with International Adaptors
  • Heavy Duty Military Standard Carry Case

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