Pro-SL8 bug detector advanced portable detection

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Pro-SL8 bug detector hand held bug sweep device, perfect for beginers who need a powerfull bug detector but do not understand all the technical jargon,
If you think you are being bugged or you think there may be a GPS tracker on your car then this is the product for you.
Also ideal for body guards and close protection personnel, quick, fast, reliable and easy to use.

Pro-SL8 bug detector is a powerful hand held device.

The classic professional hand held bug detector for all purpose use.

The PRO-SL8 is an ultra-compact pocket Bug Detector with a unrivalled performance for its size.

The PRO-SL8 features a 0 to 8 GHz frequency detection range with ultra-high sensitivity but couldn’t be simpler to operate.
Simply switch on and any detected will be shown on the built in OLED display.
It is designed to detect and locate signals from the very latest covert listening, tracking, cellular, and video devices.
With a completely new hardware design the PRO-SL8 has unrivalled sensitivity for its size and can also display detected frequencies up to 6GHz.
A 20 segment display indicates signal strength along with an audio tone, enabling you to pin point the signal source precisely.
The frequency of the detected signal can be seen simultaneously and the Burst Detect feature ensures short bursts such as those from GPS trackers or other burst devices will not be unnoticed. 
If you wish to check for devices without alerting others the PRO-SL8 can be set to silent vibrate mode.
If any signals are detected the unit will pulse vibrate silently, allowing you to keep it concealed on your person, in a jacket pocket, for example.


  • Ultra Wide Frequency response 0 - 8 GHz
  • Built in Frequency Counter 0 - 6 GHz 
  • Ultra Sensitive - Detects signals from up to 10 metres
  • Digital 'Burst' Signal Detect for GPS Trackers etc
  • OLED Display for ultimate clarity in all lighting conditions
  • Audio Demodulation - Listen to detected signals
  • Silent Vibrate & Beep Modes for Signal Strength
  • Machined Aluminium enclosure for ultimate durability


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