Advanced audio bugging device can stand by for up to 10 years plus

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Professional audio bugging device

This professional bugging device is unique in many ways – programmable to start and stop or simply record on sound activation, the device defies most logical reasoning. Able to stand by for up to a colossal 10 years programmable. The bug is also very hard to detect as the bug is only a couple of centre meters in diameter and does not transmit on GSM or UHF, like some mobile phone based bugging devices. Instead this bug is a recording device that can be left anywhere then retrieved for extraction of the voice conversations and sounds.
As a professional bugging device it is password locked and will only allow “you” the owner to access the audio with the special computer interface and password you create, this insures no one will be able to listen to the recording except you.

Pro Audio sleeper bugging device with VOX & programmable audi encryption.

This amazing device is the ultimate in audio surveillance.

Impossible to detect with a standard bug detector, it does not transmit!

Simple one button on off opperation.

Unlike many voice recording module’s this audio bug can be used in active VOX mode or set up for just about any application with in a period of up to 10 years!

VOX (voice activation mode) in this mode the bug will record any sound it picks up, super sensitive reception programmable system utilising a Knowles microphone.

Programmable and able to encrypt its recorded audio on the fly, so only you can listen to the captured sound during playback.  To play back recordings you use a custom designed interface program included with the set, this software will run on most computers from Windows 7 up.

The standby time of this device almost defies logic and physics – programmable, you can simply use the device with voice activation or pre-program it to wake up at specific intervals allowing the device to record all the voice activated audio in its area, crystal clear clarity with a first class Knowles microphone.

The software interface is simple and self-explanatory simply click boxes for what you want to activate and save it with one click.

In VOX mode the device will stand by with voice activation for up to 17 days, you can even adjust the clarity of the microphone and pick up range to extend power stand by or operational clarity – totally adjustable.

Please see below for more info.

  • Built in 4Gb memory

  • VOX recording option

  • 17 day sleep mode with VOX

  • 10 year standby with programed interval VOX

  • Size of a thumb nail (Total size including battery)

  • Deep audio surveillance device

  • Low level ionised emission’s at (0.009 mA sleep mode based on a 3.0v battery)

  • Current consumption during VOX (0.305 mA based on a 3.0v battery)

  • High-quality sound recording to 4Gb memory chip.

  • PCM, A-LAW, and ADPCM compression formats support.

  • 5461Hz, 8000Hz, 11025Hz, 16000Hz, and 22050Hz sampling rate option.

  • LED indicator ON/OFF activation for the record/stop or VOX modes.

  • Loop recording.

  • Recorded file encryption option.

  • Very low power consumption.

  • Memory chip life monitoring.

  • Applicable battery formats: CR2016, CR2025, and CR2032.

  • Very small dimensions.

This device is for serious users who understand the difference between cheap spy electronics and truly state of the art surveillance products, it should not be confused with low grade imports.

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