Pro 4 camera CCTV set 2 x Mega Pixel HD1080p system

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Pro 4 camera CCTV set 2 x Mega Pixel HD1080p system

Professional WI-FI CCTV system 4 x wireless HD cameras 1080p with wireless DVR.
Producing 2 x Mega Pixel imagery over your home router accords WI-FI.
Fantastic video quality over wireless with trouble free installation – all parts are included in this easy to assemble and connect CCTV system Ideal for any home or small business area.

Pro 4 camera CCTV set 2 x Mega Pixel HD1080p system

If you are looking for a CCTV system that can be quickly installed and set up then this system is for you – very little set up experience required with full connectivity over your wireless router.
No requirement for running cables and making connectors etc, this CCTV set is plug and play.
Once powered up simply follow the instructions and load the system onto your smart phone or PC to view and control everything.

The set comprises of 4 x HD1080p cameras and wireless DVR receiver, the receiver simply plugs into your wireless router, all the leads and connectors are in the box the system comes complete.

The CCTV DVR can be placed anywhere provided the wireless DVR leads can be plugged into your wifi router, with a standard RJ45 network lead giving you a choice to either place the DVR next to your router or run a RJ45 network lead from your router to the location where your DVR is placed.

Once you are plugged into your router you will have all the movement detected by a camera instantly sent over the web to your smart phone.

This 2 Mega Pixel set has amazing quality of video over WIFI for a wireless CCTV system.
Budget is always something to think about whether you are a private user or a business customer, the only thing that is budget about this system is its price not its performance.

This system is ideal for most applications weather its home security or a shop fitting etc.
The wireless cameras and Wi-Fi connectivity makes the cameras easy to install and connect without the need to run data cables everywhere.

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