Services with integrity.

You’re private information is as important to us as it is to you, we take customer confidentiality and security very seriously indeed, we do not divulge any client information to third party organisations.

Due to the explosion of social media in the last 10 years we can see just what people and companies post all over social media Twitter or Facebook to gain exposure – People just don’t think about privacy when they post Pictures and articals.

Spycraft feel social media is not a medium consistent with our privacy policies and so do not use any social media for promotion and advertisement. Others may post items about our company without us knowing, this is sometimes hard to monitor as may not know of a post, however hopefully not participating in social media may allow you to see just how seriously we take our clients privacy and help you see our attitude regarding information and client confidentiality.

Please see our terms and conditions for more information about our privacy policies.
Working in a world full of fake news and personal reputation can be difficult when portraying trust. 
Our relationship with you is hinged on trust, from first contact you will have the utmost confidentiality regarding all aspects of a consultation during and after any business we may undertake together.

We may temporarily keep a small amount of information during the initial time of service or sale with a customer or client, any info is strictly confidential, we fully comply with all GDPR rules and regulations in line with data protection. We never engage in any conversation or give out information about any of our client current or past; this is standard in our business.

Over the years we have provided electronic and cyber security services too many high profile people, VIP's and organisations, we continue to provide a fully comprehensive security service to all our users both professional and private. 
We are always more than happy to sign any NDA or similar contract should you require it to satisfy any privacy reservations you may have.

The world has become a small place sins the introduction of the internet and other communication conduits. 
Although having more options provide a great platform for business, mass communication options open many doors for hackers and cyber criminal’s intent on making money through there advanced knowledge base & skills.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a company or individual you can trust. Complex problems require experienced solutions, not everything is black or white. Industrial espionage, cyber black mail, sextortion and extortion are trends that are all on the rise due to digital information leakage derived from advanced surveillance specialists and hackers.

The question: How you can discuss a business or personal security predicament with a company or individual when the object is to stop exposure of the secretive information you need to protect.
Confidentiality as important as any product or service we provide. You’re privacy is part of our bond with you as a client and part of our standard customer relationship.