Personal GPS tracking system with SOS panic button and full server support

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The personal GPS tracking device is ideal for extreme sports.

Exceptionally good for tracking people or assets covertly worldwide.
An excellent system with a dedicated SOS panic button for loan workers and close protection tasks.

Hospital admissions for injuries caused by dogs up 76% in 10 years
Almost 57% of the admissions wear due to attacks by aggressive dogs on joggers and bike riders.

Personal GPS tracking SOS panic button

A body tracker may sound a little extreme.

But if you look at the statistics, imagine you had a Personal GPS tracking device. In the event of a knife attack or dangerous dog bite, you might think again. When it comes to security carrying the personal GPS tracking device could save your life.

Personal GPS tracking women jogging

Dangerous dog bites statistics.

(Official figures for England show 7,227 admissions to A&E for dog-related attacks on joggers a big increase in the past year, compared with 4,110 a decade ago).

Extreme sports tracking and safety.

If you are a jogger or extreme sports participant you might be far away from help in an emergency. In the advent of an accident or a knife attack, you might only have a short time before you pass out from blood loss.

Small and light.

This Personal GPS tracking device will fit into most arm pouches designed for iPod and similar, it will allow you to send out your location and notify others that you have pressed the panic alert button.

Carrying a mobile phone is cumbersome whilst participating in extreme sports.
Mobile phones can be bulky when running or cycling, and not much help if an attacker is there to steal your expensive phone?

SOS panic button.

The Personal GPS tracking device, GL300w 3G is a global personal asset tracking device with a dedicated SOS button ideal for any sports user or close protection security.

The Personal GPS tracking device comes as a package connected to our fully supported global GPS server.

Fully supported tracker product with simultaneous access from multiple devices.

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See the server demo here. 

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