Outdoor 3G powered camera with full PTZ

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Outdoor 3G camera.

Control from your phone, no internet required. The system sends data over the mobile 3G network and has a dedicated 3G sim card inside it for connectivity. No internet Wi-Fi required.

Outdoor 3g camera.

Outdoor 3g camera an amazing product free from the constraints of wifi internet. With auto day and night vision, the surveillance camera for watching anything of interest 24 hours a day.

No internet wifi required.

The Outdoor 3g camera requires no internet and nothing other than a power supply and mobile phone coverage. The 3G camera system uses the 3G network to send its data to your smartphone.

Outdoor 3G mobile network.

The outdoor 3g camera uses a pay as you go sim card pre-installed into the camera, this sim card with credit pre-loaded.

To up data credit as required by visiting the provider's web site online. Put this weatherproof camera outside in the location of interest and power it up with the charger provided. You will now be able to get instant images direct to your smartphone as soon as the camera captures anything moving in front of it day or night.

Free application.

The outdoor 3g camera uses a free application that you can download from Google play free. Once you load the app onto your smartphone, you scan the camera with the application and the system is instantly ready to run.

No-fuss no problem installation.

You can watch live footage through the camera streaming in real-time, Incredible instant footage directly from your smartphone ideal if you want to check the area of interest regardless of whether there is any movement or not.

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