Nokia 3310 Anti Interception phone complete security

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Nokia 3310 Anti Interception phantom phone designed for VIP's and diplomatic use.

Nokia Anti interception alert phone. (Ghost version)

This item is a very special Nokia 3310 cell phone designed for diplomatic persons and VIP's.

Comes open for all sim cards contract and Pay as you go or combinations of both.

The phone is duel sim with phantom emulator.

The phone will insure you will never be intercepted by MTM attack or a professional iT hacker / spy using any GSM interception systems
capable of listening in on your conversations and capable of intercepting your text messages.

The phone is very special and comes in two models; the model here is our VIP secure anti interception alert phone 

(NO Dynamic IMEI change this phone is legal to own and use.)

(This phone is designed to stop phone hackers accessing your private mobile phone data.)


  1. GSM Interception alert function
  2. IMSI catcher alert function
  3. Virtual IMSI emulator
  4. Location spoofing 
  5. Duel sim

The phone comes with the ability have a random changing IMSI number that can be changed at will, keeping the user safe from Interception
and snooping by any GSM Interceptors, IMSI catchers, and MTM  SS7 based system, it will alert you as soon as a fake BTS mobile mast looks at your phone number.

The Phone also comes with the ability to spoof its location, the range can be up to 10Km depending on cell mast proximity all though
subjective depending on cell mast proximity, this Nokia makes GSM location very hard or impossible by conventional means. 

 (Please not this phone “does not change IMEI number” and is totally within the law to use and own in the UK and EU)

More features:

Crypto TRACER 
This is a function that can detect "unlawful" interception performed by SS7 Boxes (aka Network Switch Based Interception);

IMEI engine and other software components have been moved to a separate partition (Sandbox) in order to make them work faster and smoother.
System restarting has been suppressed in case of any abnormal network characteristics (i.e. generated by IMSI Catchers/GSM Interceptors).

Interception Instant Check
Once launched, the function will start checking both Active and Passive interception, step by step.
Regarding interception performed with Active/Semi Active GSM Interceptors, the phone will check:
BTS parameters:

  • RSSI
  • Cell ID
  • LAC
  • Ki retrieving attempts (ciphering key stored on the SIM card).
  • Baseband attack attempts. 

The Nokia 3310 will also check Interception performed by Passive GSM Interceptor 

  • Uplink.
  • Downlink.
  • Will ping HLR/VLR core network, computing network redundancy and abnormal ping delays.
  • In the end, will generate a Network Security Rating.

C1/C2 monitoring
By forcing cell reselection (C2 parameter), Active and Semi Active GSM Interceptors will force cell phones to disconnect from home network
and connect to the fake or rogue BTS impersonated by the interception equipment. 
This is also called BCCH manipulation, used by all modern GSM Interceptors.

When launching this function, the phone will:

  • Extract C1 value, from serving cell.
  • compute C2 value by using a special algorithm, the same used by any GSM network
  • look for at least other 6 neighbouring cell towers, ordered by RSSI value.
  • compare C1 to C2.
  • trigger alert if no neighbouring cells are found (a clear indication that a GSM Interceptor is active within area).
  • look for CPICH, RSCP and BCCH.
  • display forced handover attempts (if any).
  • display Channel lock fails (if any).

Military grade SMS encryption. 
Please note that you need at least 2 units in order to use SMS encryption feature.

As long as the phone is under interception by any means, IMSI Catcher, GSM Interceptor or SS7, voice calls and SMS messages will be blocked
(both incoming and outgoing with fool proof detection and implementation.)

Real Location Spoofing: 
The user of the phone can mask the GSM location by selecting the BTS cell mast furthest away from the actual real location, avoiding GSM location by triangulation procedures, widely used for location tracking purposes. Works both when stationary and on the move.

Never Before has there been such an advanced automated cell phone capable of such extreme functionality, truly a cell phone for the professional or armature who understands modern challenges presented by tomorrows technology.

"Don't worry everything is automatic you don’t need to understand the tech to use the phone"

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