iPhone Encrypted Messenger App with voice notes

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Mprime iPhone Messenger totaly unbreakable encrypted messenger also with built in PGP email agent.

Use your own iphone incredible performance at a price that's manageable. 
This page is for the iPhone messenger application license purchase.
Instant download, be up and running in a matter of minuets. 

Below is an option to get the Mprime application pre-installed onto a new iPhone handset 
if you would prefer not to handle the installation you’re self simply select.

Mprime Encrypted messenger with voice notes for iPhone (iOS)

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If you need the app simply download below, open any browser in your iPhone click download and install.

Download Mprime for iPhone 6 and above.
download ios mprime for apple iphone

Mprime download and Installation on iPhone.

(Mprime IOS will run on all iPhone products above iPhone version 6.)

    • Open your iPhone safari browser or similar and navigate to this page.
    • Click the cloud icon above and download.
    • Once you click the button the download will start.
    • Goto – Settings – General - device management - Prime group – trust - ok
    • you may have a slightly different menu than listed here, as long as you trust the app it will run
    • Click the icon once fully installed.
    • Inset your license code and set up your user name and password.
    • Please open the settings tab once inside the Mprime messenger and set your security preferences for
      locking the application, select other options here as required.

Mprime for IOS is now here (iPhone)

The Mprime messenger is now available for IOS, it will run on most Apple iPhones from version 6 up, and has.
This military strain of encryption not to be confused with free open source codded messenger found across the web? EG: What’s app, skype, snap chat, signal etc, these messengers are "NOT" secure and not anything like the Mprime messenger.

The Mprime encryption app has been created in line with private iT cyber security experts & some of the most advanced hackers in the world. Mprime was designed for diplomatic use and built to a very high security standard.
The result is a robust messenger with truly unbreakable encryption.
No back doors and no flaws, both pictures and email are encrypted with a high military grade encryption, the system uses random encryption key unlike a regular PGP email, making it impossible for anyone to look at acquiring the encryption key. The keys also change at ramdom.
No exchange server make Mprime super-fast, utilising just a connection server there is little or no meta data anywhere in the cloud hanging around during use or after.

The system messenger is run in a secure environment; Mprime once installed will be more than a challenge for anyone to access the secure area. The Mprime messenger it’s self is a solid secure application which will not allow access unless the user name and password are inputted correctly.

Typically to access Mprime you need to open your iPhone and then the messenger before you can use it or see anything.
You will then need your messenger username and password to open the messenger or email agent.
Bearing in mind the Mprime log in credentials cannot exist on the handset, they live in the messenger and in your knowledge of them, the credentials for entering Mprime cannot be retrieved from the physical handset application through a brute force attack, examination or otherwise as they are not in the handset they are in the Mprime program which is heavily encrypted and segregated from the handsets operating systems.

The system has a properly configured VPS run by private experienced security specialists who work at top level worldwide, the system is 100% secure and subject to regular auditing 24 / 7 round the clock monitoring.

The user is only allowed 10 attempts to log in to the messenger, after which time the app will become locked then destroyed.
There is also an optional choice to have a security password allowing the Mprime app to be destroyed should it become lost or stolen, very similar to a regular Samsung factory handset.
Also on this device you have fully encrypted Voice notes that can be sent to users who can play them through their Mprime application, the audio is clear and reliable.
Within the application you have secure notes for safe storage of any data you may want to keep in the Mprime application (100% secure) the encrypted notes also require a password to access them once you are securely inside Mprime

Mprime will run over WiFi without any problem, the data is secure so interception over short range WIFi network is not a concern at all.
Mprime has a fully encrypted uplink ready for most WIFi spots worldwide, no need for cell phone connectivity when using the system over WiFi.
Please contact us for more info about this very special future proof system & exclusive messenger with built in PGP agent.


  • No management server, only connection server for greater security.
  • No meta data saved in the cloud
  • Secure messenger environment
  • Secure Voice notes (Send a voice message)
  • Secure storage (Save files images and text notes)
  • Special private message (For your eyes only mode)
  • Privately created and owned Messenger fully encrypted to military standards.
  • No information saved on any server for more than a secession
  • Simultaneously changing security and encryption keys every second.
  • Mprime cannot be re built or cloned.
  • Impossible to clone or re-create the messenger account, (Secure)
  • Two stage access for hand set and messenger.
  • Professionally tested for weaknesses by advanced private hackers.
  • Government specification with diplomatic grade security
  • Works seamlessly (AS EASY AS USING SKYPE)
  • No server vulnerabilities.

It’s often difficult for a customer to understand why one technical system is better than another technical system, how can you know?
There are a few simple guide lines to help you work out the waffle from the facts; do you need to have a consultation with us?

Mprime a diplomatic grade product, best encrypted system in its class.

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