Handset Pre-loaded with messenger & license.

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Get a new phone with the encrypted Messenger pre-installed and loaded – includes the 6 month license and sim card of your choice. Simply select the type of phone you want below and start using the system as soon as it arrives with you. There is nothing for you to do except type in a user name and password.
Be up and running in 5 minutes without having to install software or activate anything.

Get a phone pre made with the application messenger pre installed.

(Phone, sim, license & messenger all installed for you - optional PGP email included)

M-prime is a truly unbreakable encrypted messaging system fully evolved on Android and iPhone IOS smart phone.

The M-prime app is properly tested to diplomatic level, fully encrypted with a military strain of encryption not to be confused with free open source codded messenger found across the web?  EG: What’s app, skype, snap chat, signal as this type of messenger is "NOT" secure or not anything like the M-prime messenger system.

M-prime has been created in line with advanced private iT cyber security experts & some of the most advanced hackers in the world. M-prime was designed for diplomatic use and built to a very high security standard.
The result is a robust messenger with truly unbreakable encryption.
No back doors and no flaws, both pictures & messages are encrypted with a high military strain encryption, the system uses random encryption key unlike a regular PGP email, M-prime encryption keys change every second making it impossible for anyone to even look at acquiring the encryption key for analysis. 
No exchange server make M-prime super-fast utilising just a connection server there is little or no meta data anywhere in the cloud or hanging around during use or after using M-prime.

The system messenger is run in a secure environment, loaded on an Android or iphone operating system.

Although the M-prime messenger is also bulletproof  it’s always good practice to re in force against any high end professional hackers or cyber criminals who might try and steel your data or hack your phone over wifi or otherwise.
M-prime is totally secure and should not be confused with other system on the word market.
This is a diplomatic solution right the way through from the encryption over air to the seamless install and operation of the application on the handset.

The user is only allowed 10 attempts to log in to the messenger, after which time the app will become locked, re programing may be required if this scenario occurs.

There is also an optional choice to have a security password allowing the device to be secured should it become lost or stolen, very similar to the system used on a regular Samsung handset.

On the device you have fully encrypted notes for safe storage of any data you may want to keep, this storage system is in the M-prime app (100% secure) the encrypted notes also require a password to access them once you are securely inside M-prime environment.

M-prime will run over Wi-Fi without any problem or compromise, all the data is secure so interception over short range Wi-Fi network is not a concern should you want to use the system over WiFi with or without a regular mobile phone sim card in the handset.
M-prime has a fully encrypted uplink ready for most Wi-Fi spots worldwide, no need for cell phone connectivity when using the system over Wi-Fi. 
Please contact us for more info about this very special future proof system & exclusive messenger & handset.


  • No management server for greater security.
  • Secure messenger environment
  • Secure encrypted Voice notes (Send a voice message)
  • Secure storage (Save files images and text notes)
  • Special private message (For your eyes only mode)
  • Private encryption to military standards.
  • No information saved on the handset.
  • No Meta data hanging around in a cloud or server.
  • Simultaneously changing encryption keys change every second.
  • M-prime cannot be re built or cloned.
  • Two stage password credential access for hand set and messenger.
  • Professionally tested for weaknesses by advanced private hackers.
  • Diplomatic specification (Works seamlessly, like SKYPE)
  • No server weaknesses and no application vulnerability.
  • Internal application generated keypad to stop key loggers

It’s often difficult for a customer to understand why one technical system is better 
than another technical system, how can you know?

There are a few simple guide lines to help you work out the waffle from the facts!
Do you need to have a consultation with us?

The M-prime system will trump all current encrypted software systems on the world market at this moment in time, M-prime is the best product on the world market at the best price, this is a simple fact.

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