Motorcycle and Vehicle wired GPS tracking system

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Motorcycle and Vehicle wired GPS tracking unit

Motorcycle and Vehicle GPS wired tracking unit

This unit is a Motorcycle Tracking Device that can also be used on boats or small water based crafts. The MT-100 is a powerful GPS locator designed for vehicle or asset tracking.  It has superior receiver sensitivity, fast TTFF (Time to First Fix) and supports Quad-Band GSM frequencies 850/900/1800/1900, its location can be monitored in real time or be periodically tracked by a backend server or other specified terminals. (Attention this unit will not work miles out at sea but will work insure by the coast where ever there is a mobile phone GPRS signal) The MT-100 can communicate with our backend server through the GPRS/GSM network to transfer reports of Emergency, geo-fence boundary crossings, low backup battery or scheduled GPS position as well as many other useful functions.

What’s in the package?

  • Tracking unit & wiring loom
  • Sim card already inserted and live (Pay as you go or pre paid)
  • Connected free (Server connection for 3 or 6 months)
  • Multi device access inc plus (smart phone app for any PDA iPhoine or Android Galaxy)
  • Unlimited reports into the server free of charge
  • 50 SMS command credits.

This GPS tracker comes as a package combined with our custom server, you get a very reliable and intelligent tracking system.
Using the product is very economical indeed, with very low running costs, usually on a pay as you go based. Typically this tracking unit once commanded by you, will track once every 2 or 3 minutes indefinitely until commanded otherwise by you through the web control panel.
The Tracking device will only change from this setting if you decide to send it a command from your private mapping control system, sending a command costs one SMS credit from your account. Once a command is sent the tracker will follow this for ever storing all the location data in your private mapping account for you to review at any time.
All incoming tracking data or location data comming into the server is “totally free of charge” you only use a credit when you send a control command, so as you can see this tracking device will run for pennies per day.
This device comes on Paypal subscription costing £10 per month or £29.50 per month on hire.

The tracking unit also has a dedicated panic button that is a good size and programed to your email address or mobile phone number free of charge. Once the SOS button is pressed the panic system will send out an instant message and go into tracking mode regardless of whether it is moving or not.
This product is global and will work in most parts of the world where there is GPRS coverage. If the device losses the cell network it will still log its GPS positions and upload as soon as it re acquires a mobile internet connection. Below is a picture of our custom mapping server, easy to use and included with this tracking unit at purchase, with a selection of 4 different mapping screens and other simple to use features you will be tracking and logging in no time at all.

server mapping


  • Historical playback
  • Manual delete history of history
  • Tracking unit control
  • Four different map screens
  • Geo fence alert (Global)
  • Global mapping


  • Wide Operating Voltage Range 8V to 32V DC
  • Multiple I/Os
  • 86 x 62 x 26 mm
  • Zero Power Consumption When Ignition off
  • Water Resistant, IPX6 Compliant
  • Built-in Relay With Latch Circuit


  • Wide operating voltage 8V to 32V DC
  • Internal u-blox chipset
  • Low power consumption, long standby time with internal battery
  • Quad band GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Embedded full featured @Track protocol
  • Multiple I/O interfaces for monitoring and control
  • Internal 3-axis accelerometer for power saving and motion detection
  • Power consumption can be fully configured
  • Three working power modes
  • Water resistant, IPX6 compliant
  • CE/FCC certified

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