Mobile phone power bank with hidden Wi-Fi camera

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Mobile phone power bank with hidden Wi-Fi camera

The ultimate secret camera hidden in a standard looking mobile phone battery pack, night vision and Wi-Fi with movement detection

Mobile phone power bank with hidden Wi-Fi camera

This fully functional mobile phone battery charger will provide you with power support for all your mobile device needs.

With a 10,000mAH rechargeable battery there is bags of power for general use.

As you expect this device is more than just a portable mobile phone charger. The system has a built in hidden camera for recording video with audio to the SD card fitted in the unit.

The Covert camera provides stunning images in 4K resolution and switches to night vision as required automatically when the light fads or in darkness.

Full control from an application on your mobile will empower you to adjust everything you need and record live video whilst simultaneously streaming the real time footage over Wi-Fi to your mobile smart phone. Works with Android or iPhone.

The application is free to download and free to use, no costs are associated to the application.

The large capacity battery in the device makes it perfect for long term video of any room or area up to 24 hours or more depending on settings. Added movement detection will capture anything that moves in front of the hidden camera.

Hard to spot and unusually obvious to the eye, this device just looks like a regular mobile phone battery back-up pack.


  • Ultra HD 4K high definition resolution
  • Real time viewing WiFi Network Web Camera
  • Large power capacity 10000mAh
  • Night vision, up to 8 meters range
  • Dual USB output ports
  • percentage battery level display
  • Still pictures and video files
  • Adjust brightness and contrast
  • Motion detection alarm, set the alarm interval.
  • Resolution 720P 1080P 4K
  • Storage capacity memory card: 128G TF
  • Night Vision (8m)
  • Reset Button
  • Host Size: 133 * 69 * 14.5mm
  • Full Size: 170 * 105 * 32mm
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