Safe mac book air diplomatic secure Laptop

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The Safe mac book air provides you with a diplomatic grade encrypted laptop benefiting from a built in VPN and robust firewall to protect against hacking whilst online.
The computer has a secure storage facility deeply integrated into the core or the system, data saved cannot be accessed without the security credentials and special password protocol.

The storage exists with in a virtual machine layered in the IOS, operating the computer in the security area is done in a Windows 7 pro OS - so you do not have to be a MAC user to use this computer as it is effectively a windows 7 pro machine, the MAC just provides the regular computer front end, you will probably never use this IOS mac operating system unless you want to use it, or are an existing MAC user. You will not have to buy any programs for the device EG comes pre-loaded with full license Microsoft office amongst other pre-loaded programs.

Secure Safe mac book air, secure storage and more utilising the latest Mac book Air from Apple.

The ideal laptop for users on the go or anyone who needs top level security that’s easy to use and understand.

This special mac book comes with a few very special features, the Safe mac book air has an encrypted password system with a four stage log in.

Loaded with full licence windows OS 7 pro with full licence Microsoft office & also spy eliminating programs.

Standard safe web surfing portal impossible to trace your location with covert iP cloaking system, ideal online on-line banking and other tasks, Runs Tor.

  • This Mac book is far from a regular Mac Air book.
  • 100% in-penetrable by regular methods or advanced brute force attack.
  • The operating system is like a regular Mac book Air in every way until you click a specific ikon?
  • On demand a special hidden log in screen will appear with a covert Log in.
  • Once you log in to the secure area you will initialise a totally UN-hackable safe area on Windows 7 Pro OS hidden deep inside the Mac book.
  • This mac is now windows machine running cloaking software perfect for surfing & saving records.
  • The PC is ideal for storage of regular files or any regular pc data you require, (safe)

There are some added software items pre-loaded including full license Microsoft office as well as key logger detection systems.
The Windows OS is also encrypted providing a total of 4 layers of machine code and encrypted layers protecting back door access through DOS
The Bios of the mac also has been specially prepared to avert Dos entry or data recovery through Bios and other techniques.

This special Mac book air cannot be hacked by conventional means or forensic attack and is ideal for keeping records or conducting secretive iT work, banking or secure web-based operation online. (Also ideal for simply saving records)

There are a few systems on the world market that allow anonymous surfing online with various agents but very few systems will protect you from hardware entry or data recovery physically. 
This very special laptop is designed for professional businessmen and Diplomatic personnel but can be used by anyone needing a secure solution for private use & secure storage of records or similar.

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Physically isolating a computer from the wider net – creating a so-called “air gap” – is another cheap and low-tech solution to evade billion-dollar surveillance systems that is practised by terrorists and state spies alike. However, an air gap can be difficult to maintain. Iran kept its uranium enrichment facilities air gapped, but the Stuxnet virus was able to cripple the all-important centrifuges after infected USB drives discarded by spies were plugged in by oblivious workers. Recent research from Berlin-based cyber-security experts Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell suggests a new level of threat. A USB device that appears completely empty can still contain malware, even when formatted, say Nohl and Lell, and there is no practical way to defend against this.

Air gaps can also be crossed by sufficiently cunning programs, which could in principle be used by surveillance agencies to gain access to computer networks and collect information. Last year, security researcher Dragos Ruiu reported evidence that a virus had managed to jump the air gap in his laboratory. It was later confirmed the malware was spreading by high-frequency sounds passed between the speakers of an infected machine and the microphone of its next victim. Recommendations for keeping communications and databases secure now include gumming the microphone and USB sockets with glue.

(Getty Images) (Credit: Getty Images)

The Stuxnet virus wreaked its havoc after infected USB drives were used by oblivious workers (Getty Images)

Architectural solutions to spyware also popped up in East Germany during the Cold War. “Intelligence wanted a low-tech and low-budget method to ensure its highest-level meetings were unbugged,” explains Houghton. “They decided the best way to do this was to build furniture out of transparent plastic, so that a bug would be easily spotted.” Twinned with sound dampening rooms and white noise generators, the Stasi agents could be confident that their discussions were not privy to eavesdroppers.

‘One-time pads’ are another low-tech trick that have stood the test of time. These are ciphers that are used just once before being destroyed. Such a pad might be a string of random numbers, each of which is used to move a letter in the message a corresponding number of places forward or backward in the alphabet. “Since it is random, and you’ve only used it once, you give the crypto guys nothing to work with and thus the code is unbreakable,” says Houghton. “It is still the only unbreakable code system ever created.”

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