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Kucoin best crypto trading platform


We have been trading for over a decade, Kucoin is an amazing platform for trading crypto currencies, it just works!

With so many platforms and options on offer, it’s hard to know what one is best. Many platforms are bad, with systems that hinder you when trying to withdraw profits & other issues. Kucoin is diferent, it is the best platform & system I have ever seen & experienced. I am sure Kucoin is much better than any other platform you might have used in the past.

  • Easy set up.
  • Safe compliance, easy to do.
  • Honest withdrawal of profits.
  • Easy load card, bank or wallet.
  • Very small fees in and out.
  • Best ever crypto trading platform.

I own & run spycraft, (security company). In business for over 30 years.

I personally recommend Kucoin as the best platform for trading crypto currencies. From my experiences with many other investment platforms, this one is great, click & try it for your self.

Trade crypto currencies properly.

My personal experience & Recommendation for Kucoin.

Take some time first with a low amount of coin to learn how the trading UI works. It’s quite a complex instrument, but it’s totally worth taking a little time each day to familiarise yourself with the platform. Don’t dive in right away, when you feel you have learnt enough about the trading UI, instead practise some small trades with a very little amount of crypto coin, before going in with a large amount of capital?. Oh and don’t forget to have fun ! Be responsible with your risk and you will find Kucoin to be as amazing, as I discovered.


Kucoin is an international crypto trading entity,

Kucoin is rated as the fourth biggest crypto trading system in the world, the resources at Kucoin are vast, so there’s lots of scope for learning and exploring “the real crypto markets“. The charts are fantastic and options are vast, for trading crypto pairs and more. Paying Fiat/money in, or directly sending crypto coins into your account is secure, withdrawing profits is the same. You might see that Kucoin is not regulated by the FCA? I feel this is now an advantage in our current time, however I can tell you that I have loaded, traded, and withdrawn my crypto currencies with now issues at all. A good friend of 20 years told me about Kucoin. They have used Kucoin without any issues related to large amounts of crypto currency & withdrawals. More than can be said for many platforms that are regulated by the FCA 🙂

Trading crypto currencies.

I have traded cryptos and other assets on many diferent platforms / businesses, they all seem to suffer from the same issues when you try to withdraw your profits? I’d say from my experience, and the experiences of friends, that Kucoin is the best, most honest platform you will ever use, for true crypto trading.

Have a Google search for tutorials & see Kucoin’s own tutorials, once you sign up, to help you learn how the system works. The link here is quite good too, check it out @ YouTube by MoneyZG

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