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The Parben iRecovery Stick is a revolutionary product designed to extract and recover deleted data from an iPhone ideal for digital forensic examination. Recover deleted data and investigate the entire phone like a professional with this simple to use forensic recovery took kit. Works with IOS operating systems through the USB port.

The Parben iRecovery Stick revolutionary designed to extract data from an iPhone.

The simple plug and play usb dongle design makes it easy to set up and operate.

Once you plug the dongle into your computer you will run the software, opening a control screen allowing you to connect the iPhone to your computer and search the phone for data both deleted and current.
All the data is collected into the software and stored for you to review through the operating panel.
This product does not jail break the iPhone or change anything in the iPhone’s settings during or after examination the iPhone will remain exactly as it was before you plugged it in.

Recovers Deleted Data.
The iRecovery Stick is based off of Paraben's trusted mobile forensic technology. It recovers deleted data directly from the phone or iTunes backup files. Not only can it recover user data like text messages, contacts, Recently Deleted Photos, and internet data, it can also recover deleted data from apps like Gmail, Facebook, Chrome, and more.
Gets All User Data
Sometimes you need more than deleted data recovery. Sometimes, you need to see what's been happening on your device. The iRecovery Stick downloads user data and displays it in an easy to read format. You can check out everything from internet history, to Facebook Messenger conversations, to map bookmarks.
Safe & Sound
The first rule of forensics is to preserve the data. Since the iRecovery Stick is based off of our mobile forensics tool, you can be sure that your phone is safe. We don't jailbreak the phone, we don't change the databases, in fact we don't change anything on the phone. We simply pull down the data and recover the data.

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