Infra red camera scanner spot pin whole spy cameras

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Good quality camera detector with Infra red strobe light for finding pin whole spy camera.

Fast effective and well built – this typical device will last you a bit longer than a cheap counterpart or replica device – There are many devices on the market like this one however lots of them have very bad build quality and performance, this device is Russian made and really well designed to do the job and last.

Camera detector Infra-red pin whole camera finder

Carry this hidden camera detector anywhere, hotels, fitting rooms, public toilet, any room in any house or the car, use it during negotiations, etc. With this device you will be more confident that nobody is secretly filming you.
The device will detect any hidden camera lenses even hidden spy pin whole cameras that are hidden professionally.

Operating principle.
All hidden camera has camera lens. The operating principle of the device is to detect the light flares reflected by the lenses of hidden cameras. Camera detector emits powerful red spectrum luminous flux, once the flux emitted contacts the hidden camera lens, it will be reflected in the direction of the camera detector’s lens viewer, you will see a specific light reflection from the camera lens.

Addition subsystem search near-field hidden cameras.
There are 4 green LEDs on the front of the device camera detector. These LEDs serve as additional backlight and make it possible to detect near-field hidden cameras more effectively. This function is unique.
The device also has battery charge indication and thermal overload protection.
The battery charge level is indicated as a number of lighting LEDs on the back of the device, as a result, you always know the time you should start charging the built-in battery. The battery is also protected from thermal overload.

How to use system work?
It’s a very easy to use the device; you don’t need any special or professional skills to use it.
Just turn the device on and inspect the room looking through the display of the view finder through the built-in lens.
The detection process of wired and wireless hidden cameras is implemented by the flashing LED's.
Any hidden spy camera lens will be detected as a bright light spot.  
If you use your device correctly, it will detect all the cameras wherever they are installed – in bags, gifts, clothes, on ceilings, flours, walls or even inside home appliances or furniture, etc.

Useful tip:
Taking into account that the optimal detection range does not exceed 20 meters, and a hidden camera may be detected only when you are in the line of sight, it’s recommended to inspect all suspicious location from different angles and perspectives.

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