Hidden voice bug in a generic USB charger

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Hidden voice bugging device secreted into a generic-looking USB charger.

Secret voice monitoring is easy with this device plugged into any room power socket. simply calling it from any mobile phone will activate the bug allowing you to listen to all the conversation within the room. the device also works as a power charger and will power most USB type devices including Mobile Phones Apple or Android. Functions include programmable voice-activation mode allowing you to get an immediate notification to your mobile phone as soon as it picks up sound. Comes pre-set up with a mobile phone sim card already fitted.

Hidden voice bug in a generic USB charger

Secret voice monitoring through a standard looking USB charger.

Will power most USB type devices including Mobile Phones Apple or Android

This secret bugging device is hidden in a standard looking power supply similar to any power charger that comes in the box when you purchase a mobile phone.

The device will power most USB devices including Apple and Android devices.
Inside the device is a GSM engine, the device is ready and once plugged into the wall it will let you dial directly into it, letting you hear all the conversations in the room.
You can call it from any mobile or land-based phone number to hear the conversation and sound in the room picked up by the device's hidden microphones.
It also works very well when used in cars or vehicles.

The device comes with a sim card pre-installed (Pay as you go recommended) Plunged into the power the device will last indefinitely providing you with a good budget listening system, call into this device from anywhere in the world ideal for all security purposes, hard to spot.

The bugging device also has voice activation that can be switched on and off by you remotely.
Sending a text message to the device's phone number will turn voice activation on or off.
In voice activation mode the device will call your phone as soon as it hears sounds in the room

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