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Personal GPS tracking device for location security.

Personal tracking & SOS emergency alert.

The personal GPS tracking device is tiny and easily fits into a pocket or pouch, light weight and water resistant. Its design is compact and perfect to carry for body worn tracking regardless of your application. A body tracker may sound a little extreme, but our personal GPS tracking device could save your life?

The tracking system is reliable and offers accurate tracking & assurance, should you find yourself in a dangerous situation?As a personal tracking device, you benefit from instant alert capability. Should you fall or find yourself in peril.

One press of the SOS button, sends an alert out to others with location status. The receiver of the alert, instantly sees where you are, and is able to follow a map link to your exact location.

Security and close protection specialists.

Personal GPS tracking device

(No software or installation is required for the receivers phone)

Personal panic button for security.

Our GPS tracking device operates on 3G and automatically roams, so it’s perfect for personal security.  With a dedicated SOS button, it is ideal for any user or close protection security requirement. The durable tracking device is stable and fast over 3G, so its excellent for man down applications.

Extreme sports & risk.

mountain bike crash

Our SOS tracking device is ideal for the outdoors.

Extreme sports safety & GPS tracking.

If you participate in extreme sports, then you are probably fearless and love what you do, just for the thrill of it. You have done it so many times you feel secure in what you’re doing, great. But what happens when something goes wrong? accident or equipment failure.

You might be far away from help in an emergency. In the event of an accident, you might only have a short time before you pass out from blood loss. You may be out of reach and out of sigh.

There are a number of scenarios that could leave you helpless and unable to get help. Having a personal tracker with an SOS button, gives you a life line in a disaster situation.

You have the ability to press a button and instantly inform somebody that you’re in trouble. Moreover, it does not have to be all doom and gloom, You could also have fun plotting your time and personal best, in your tracking account history.

The tracker fits into most arm pouches designed for an iPod or similar, so it wont hinder you during your activity. Carrying a mobile phone is cumbersome while participating in sports. Mobile phones can be bulky when running or cycling, and not much help if an attacker is there to steal your phone?

Typical danger & robbery.

Statistics show a large increase in attacks and robberies, so would you carry a tracking device? Imagine you had a tracking device with you in the event of a knife attack or dangerous dog bite? you might think differently. When it comes to security, carrying a device with a panic button, offers you a life line. If you are a lone worker or practise extreme sports in isolation, then carrying an SOS tracking device makes sense.

Personal GPS tracking device, Jogging & safety.

personals sos tracking
Personal tracking safety.

Dangerous dog bites statistics?

There are lots of reasons one might use a personal gps tracking device? (Official figures for England show 7,227 admissions to A&E for dog-related attacks on joggers, a significant increase. Taking into consideration, many people don’t report an incident, or go to hospital?

If you have ever been chased by a dangerous dog then you will know, only too well, how that feels. Many runners do not carry a mobile phone with them, the same could be said for cyclists. If you carry a personal GPS tracking device, calling for help is as easy as pressing the SOS button.

Flexible for vehicle tracking.

Magnetic case option.

Just add a magnetic case to covertly track a car.

Our personal tracker is so flexible, one might say its the best personal gps tracker for almost any tracking requirement. Purchasing the optional magnetic case gives you car tracking capability. The tracking device works as a car tracker too, if required. Connectivity works inside the car and under the car’s chassis. The magnetic case is required for exterior applications only.

Personal GPS tracking device & server account.

The best personal gps tracker you might find is our GL300w 3G, & it’s already working when it leaves our depot, so you use it as soon as it arrives. It’s already connected, so you don’t have to do anything except log into the web site.

We program your email address into the device, this is the email you receive notification to. You can change the registered email at any time. Program a phone number into the system for SOS alerts, everything is flexible.

Sim card options.

The real-time personal gps tracking device has the sim card already installed, pre loaded with selected data of choice. Typically 4Gb of data will last you six months to a year, operating within regular usage. So there’s no need to keep topping up data, all data costs are covered.

GPS service & support.

We are always here to support you with any tracking issues, should you have a question or want to change something. When you purchase any tracking device from us, you automatically qualify for support, it’s part of the service.

Did you know we can connect your existing tracking devices, and support them on our server? Are you paying too much for your GPS?  Try us, we could save you 50%. click here to view some more data related to connections only.


  • Personal GPS tracking device.
  • Sim card (Pre-loaded with data).
  • UK Power plug.
  • Charging leads.
  • Mapping account.

Please also see our dedicated car tracker. 

Weight 0.01 kg

No case, mini magnetic case


Queclink, Spycraft UK

Sim card

, ,

Tech Specs

RF Specifications

Operating Band UMTS: 850 / 1900 / 2100 MHz GSM/GPRS: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
Data Transmission GPRS multi-slot class 12
Transmitting Power Class 4 (33±2 dBm) for GSM 850 and EGSM 900 Class 1 (30±2 dBm) for DCS 1800 and PCS 1900 Class 3 (24+1/-3 dBm) for UMTS 850 / 1900 / 2100

GNSS Specifications

GNSS Type u-blox All-in-One GPS receiver
Sensitivity Autonomous: -147 dBm Hot start: -156 dBm Reacquisition: -160 dBm Tracking: -162 dBm
Position Accuracy (CEP) Autonomous:< 2.5m
TTFF (Open Sky) Cold start: 27s average Warm start: 27s average Hot start: 1s average

General Specifications

Dimensions 77.9 × 39.9 × 26.7mm 3.07”(L) × 1.57”(W) × 1.05”(H)
Weight 93g (3.28oz)
Internal Battery Li-Polymer, 2600 mAh
Standby Time Without reporting: 670 hours 5 minutes’ reporting: 320 hours 10 minutes’ reporting: 410 hours
Water Resistance IPX5 Compliant
Charging Voltage 5V DC
External Battery Voltage 3.5V to 4.2V DC
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ +55℃


Digital Inputs 1 positive trigger input for ignition detection 1 negative trigger input for normal use
Power Button Power on and power off, can be disabled by the air interface protocol
Function Button with Vibration Feedback Emergency alert or instant geo-fence setting
Cellular Antenna Internal only
GPS Antenna Internal only
LED Indicators CEL, GPS, PWR
Mini USB Interface Used for external power and configuration

Air Interface Protocol

Transmit Protocol TCP, UDP, SMS
Scheduled Report Report position and status based on preset time intervals, distance, mileage or a combination of these settings
Geo-fences Support up to 20 internal geo-fence regions
Power On/Off Report Report when the device is powered on and off
Low Power Alarm Alarm when battery is low
SOS/Emergency Alarm SOS alarm via pressing function button
Special Alarm Special alarm based on digital inputs
Motion Detection Motion alarm based on internal 3-axis accelerometer

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This tracker is fantastic and worked the whole time without recharging. I can now use it for my car too, so it was a great buy. We did not use the solar pack on the tracker as it did not need power but it was handy to charge three different phones so well worth having it in the end.


My daughter runs most days and is becoming very good! I feel better knowing she has something with her when she trains, because she does not carry her phone when she runs. (Recommended)

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