Car tracker for vehicles with full GPS support package

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Car tracker for tracking any vehicle -  comes with GPS server package buy or hire
Find out if your partner is cheating fast with full server support and smart phone app.
This tiny GPS tracker comes with an optional waterproof magnetic case for quick deployment.
No wiring required ultimate performance guaranteed. (Stands by for up to 20 days)

Use the tracking system with our 5 month battery pack no wiring long life tracking in real time.

Car tracker with magnetic case & full server support - is your partner cheating find out fast?       Buy or Hire  !

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The prefect system for do it your self-investigations - also ideal for professional private investigators.

All tracking devices come with 3 months air time & sim card included with the purchase.
select further air time from the options above to continue on after the initial free
3 months expires or reconnect after, its up to you.

No wiring required.
Comes with optional magnetic car case for classic car security and covert usage - this gps tracker is so flexible it can be used for any application, is your partner cheating on you?
Find out fast with this flexible GPS car tracking package live and connected ready to use as soon as it arrives.

Car tracking made simple, ideal for tracking any car or vehicle, make sure your car does not move from its location with instant alerts to your smart phone as soon as your vehicle moves the gps tracking device will automatically go into tracking mode and stream all the location date to your mapping account..

This car tracker is the perfect tracking device to find out where your partner is going for security or if they are cheating on you, can also be used to monitor young drivers with speed logging historical data saved in your account for proof of events.
There’s no technical stuff for you to do everything is automated, simple to use and understand.

All the movement and tracking data is saved for you in your server account to review at any time by simply logging into the web site with your computer or smart phone.
The system comes with an iPhone and Android app included in the package.
If you need the smart phone application simply scan your bar code in your GPS account and the app installs on your phone immediately.
Use any computer or any smart phone unlimited access – no software or installation required

We provide the tracking unit with a full server support package ready to use as soon as you open the box. 
The robust designed system is weather proof, this device has excellent build quality and stable firmware.
The GPS vehicle tracking device can be used with an optional small magnetic case, just attach it to any part of the car even underneath the chassis, the tracking unit will send regular reports to your server account automatically.
The tracker is completely self-contained,  it comes with its own sim card so it does not rely on your smart phone to work like many cheap advertised GPS car trackers. (Beware of advertisements offering GPS tracking as they need to connect to your smart phone to work? not much good if the car goes missing and you're phone is in your pocket?)

(Accurate up to 5 meters anywhere in the world)
The total size is just about perfect for covert tracking and personal security.
Quad band connectivity ideal for roaming on all the gprs phone networks, the tracker will stand by for up to 20 days plus.
The GPS car tracker can doubles up as a covert tracking device with magnetic case for fitting outside the vehicle or it can be used inside a vehicle with the driver’s knowledge, ideal for personal security, comes with a built in panic button.

This overt tracking SOS function is ideal should your driver have the device in the car or vehicle, in this scenario the tracker will provide them with an SOS security alert button should they need to raise an alarm

What’s in the package?

  • Tracking unit & charger
  • Sim card already inserted and live (Pay as you go or pre-paid)
  • Connected free (Server connection for 3 months with all tracking devices)
  • Multi device access included plus smart phone app for any PDA iPhoine or Android phone.
  • Unlimited reports into the server free of charge
  • 50 SMS command credits. typically will last you up to 3 years

The GPS tracker comes as a package combined with our server; together you get a very reliable and intelligent tracking system.  
Using the product is very economical indeed, with very low running costs, usually on a pay as you go based or you may want contract. (M2M managed sim card contract avaleble)
Typically this GPS car tracker once commanded will track in intervals including real time or send location data once every 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes indefinitely until commanded otherwise by you through the web control panel.

Once a command is sent the tracker will follow automatically saving location data in your private mapping account history for you to review at any time.
All incoming tracking data or location data coming into the server is “totally free of charge” you only use a credit when you send a control command, so this tracking device will run for pennies per day and will cost you next to nothing if you do not use it.

Below is a picture of our custom mapping server, easy to use and included with this tracking unit at purchase, with a selection of 3 different mapping screens and other simple to use features you will be tracking and logging in no time at all.

mapping server

Comes with 3 months server access included !

The costs for server usage is £60 for 6 months, this includes everything and is usually charged by Paypal subscription at £10 per month. You top up your own sim card as you need it so you only pay when you need to use the tracking unit, a typical top up to use in the UK and EU would be £5 this typically would last you for up to 2 or 4 weeks depending on your tracking report every 5 minutes.

Some server features:

    • Manual delete tracking history
    • Tracking unit control
    • Three different map screens
    • Geo fence alert (Global)
    • Global mapping
    • Smart phone application
    • Full browser based syetsm
    • No software required


    • Location accuracy : 5-10 Meters
    • GPS receiver: 32 channels
    • Full server private mapping server online.
    • Multi device access free Inc
    • Custom PDA mapping system iPhone & Samsung Inc.
    • Auto tracking report mode
    • SOS or alarm information to pre-set phones
    • Geo fencing
    • GSM and GPS antenna are embedded in the unit
    • Magnetic water resistant case (Optional)
    • Built in rechargeable Li battery (Battery Life 20 days plus)
    • Auto battery level information display live on the server mapping.
    • Level IP56 waterproof
    • Quad band triple band UMTS/HSDPA
    • Power Conservation through motion detection
    • Can connect to DC power or external battery
    • Water resistant
    • Real time or periodic tracking via back-end server
    • CE and FCC certified

If you want to hire this tracking device all costs are included!
The tracking device comes to you for a price of £29.95.
We charge £29.95 per month for hiring this unit in our unbeatable (All inclusive) GPS package just £29.95 per month, PayPal subscription required.

To Hire this tracker please send us your Paypal email address, type it in the box above when you purchase and we will send you a link for Paypal 
subscription so you will be up and running in no time at all, you can also cancel at any time, you’re in full control.
Once you’re finished just return the tracking unit to us.

Advantages of hiring:

  • No fees aside from the £29.95 per month
  • No topping up of sim card data
  • No yearly subscriptions
  • No payment for anything just £29.95 per month
  • No set return dates or late return penalties etc
  • Minimum hire is 3 months
  • Standard terms and condition apply.
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