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GPS tracker 3G with SOS panic button (Buy or Hire)

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Quick overview:

GPS tracker 3G with dedicated SOS alert button ideal for personal security (Buy or Hire)


£139.00 Price:


NOK GPS asset & vehicle tracking over the 3G network  (Buy or hire this product simply select from the menu above.)

Reliable, Accurate, & Affordable.
We provide this tracking unit as a full package ready to use as soon as you open the box. 
Robust and weather proof this device has excellent build quality and stable firmware.
The GPS NOK 3G is a personal SOS device, asset tracker & GPS vehicle tracking device, it can be used with an optional small magnetic case Just attach it to any part of the car even underneath the chassis, the tracking unit will send regular reports to your server account automaticaly. It is a completely self-contained GPS Tracking device with its own sim card so it does not rely on your smart phone to work like many cheep advertised GPS car trackers. (Bewar of advertisements offering GPS tracking as they need to connect to your smart phone to work?)

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.  
The dedicated SOS panic button, once pressed will alert mobile phone numbers by text message and send alerts to emails with location data. all alerts come with clickable links enabling the receiver to quickly open our custom PDA mapping on their smart phone or PC instantly showing the location of the tracking device.  (Our custom smart phone app installs with out set up)

(Accurate up to 5 meters anywhere in the world)
The total size is just about perfect for covert tracking or personal security, light weight makes it ideal for carrying in a bag or pocket.
The Quad-Band tracker will stand by for up to 7 days plus and use roaming over all GSM networks inc 3G. 
This tracking unit is super-fast utilising the 3G cell network to send its tracking data, it can relay your SOS alert instantly making it an excellent Man down system or close protection alert tool for all users. Perfect for Runners, Bikers, taxi drivers or just about any one including Diplomatic and security specialists. 

What’s in the package?

  • Tracking unit & charger
  • Sim card already inserted and live (Pay as you go or pre-paid)
  • Connected free (Server connection for 3 months)
  • Multi device access inc plus (smart phone app for any PDA iPhoine or Android Galaxy)
  • Unlimited reports into the server free of charge
  • 50 SMS command credits.

The NOK GPS tracker 3G comes as a package combined with our server; together you get a very reliable and intelligent tracking system.  Using the product is very economical indeed, with very low running costs, usually on a pay as you go based.
Typically this tracking unit once commanded by you, will track once every 2 or 5 minutes indefinitely until commanded otherwise by you through the web control panel.

It will only change from your track rate setting if you decide to send it a command from your private mapping control system, sending a command costs one SMS credit from your account.
Once a command is sent the tracker will follow this for ever storing all the location data in your private mapping account history for you to review at any time.

All incoming tracking data or location data coming into the server is “totally free of charge” you only use a credit when you send a control command, so as you can see this tracking device will run for pennies per day and will cost you absolutely nothing if you do not use it.

There is a server fee which can be renewed every 3 months or every 6 months once your first 3 months are up.
(Comes with 3 months included on purchase)

The costs for server usage is £30 for 3 months or £60 for 6 months this includes everything and is usualy charged by Paypal subscription at £10 per month. You top up your own sim card as you need it so you only pay when you need to use the tracking unit, a typical top up to use in the UK and EU would be £5 this typically would last you for up to 2 or 4 weeks depending on your tracking report every 5 minutes.

The tracking unit also has a dedicated panic button that is a good size and programed to your email address or mobile phone number free of charge. Once the SOS button is pressed the panic system will send out an instant message and go into tracking mode regardless of whether it is moving or not. This product is global and will work in most parts of the world where there is GPRS coverage. If the device losses the cell network it 
will still log its GPS positions and upload as soon as it re acquires a mobile internet connection.

Below is a picture of our custom mapping server, easy to use and included with this tracking unit at purchase, with a selection of 4 different mapping screens and other simple to use features you will be tracking and logging in no time at all.

Some server features:

  • Manual delete server history
  • Tracking unit control
  • Custom smart phone app
  • Four different map screens
  • Geo fence alert (Global)
  • Global mapping



  • Location accuracy : 5-10 Meters
  • GPS receiver: 32 channels
  • Full server private mapping server online.
  • Multi device access free Inc
  • Custom PDA mapping system iPhone & Samsung Inc.
  • Auto tracking report mode
  • SOS or alarm information to pre-set phones
  • Geo fencing
  • GSM and GPS antenna are embedded in the unit
  • Magnetic water resistant case (Optional)
  • Built in rechargeable Li battery (Battery Life up to 10 days)
  • Auto battery level information display live on the server mapping.
  • Level IP56 waterproof
  • 3G GSM quad band; triple band UMTS/HSDPA
  • Power Conservation through motion detection
  • Can connect to DC power or external battery
  • Water resistant
  • Real time or periodic tracking via back-end server
  • CE and FCC certified

When you hire this tracking device.

All costs are included!
The tracking device come to you for a price of £29.95
We charge £29.95 per month for hiring this unit in our unbeatable (All inclusive) package just £29.95 per month, PayPal subscription required.

To Hire this tracker please send us your Paypal email address, type it in the box above and we will send you a link for Paypal 
subscription so you will be up and running in no time at all, you can also cancel at any time, your in full control.
once your finished just return the tracking unit to us.

Advantages of hiring:

  • NO fees aside from the £29.95 per month
  • NO topping up of sim card data
  • NO yearly subscriptions
  • NO payment for anything just £29.95 per month
  • NO set return dates or late return penalties etc
  • Minimum hire is 3 months
  • Standard terms and condition apply.

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Customer Reviews

As prommised
By Edward
12 December 2018 15:13:51 GMT

The GL300 3G has turned out perfect for my daughter, she's almost come to the end of her travels and is now in France, I know where she is all the time its worked exactly as you said and its been a big help to know if she had any problems she could alert me with the sos button.
so far no need thank god!

The tracker
By Dan
12 December 2018 15:10:44 GMT

This is incredible just costs nothing to use I would have buy this before but I did not know because I always paid for tracking sim card and tracking in the server

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