GPS car tracker for vehicles complete with GPS server package

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The GPS car tracker will track worldwide with incredible accuracy and performance at the right price.

The car tracker combined with our service package is possibly the best GPS car tracker on the market. Utilising our full server support package. you have a very unique GPS tracking device capable of performing demanding tracking tasks. The system allows anyone to track a car or vehicle anywhere in the world with and without internet coverage.

The durable system has the flexibility to double up as a personal security device if used outside its magnetic closure. The tracker has an SOS panic buttons beneficial for any loan driver.

The GPS car tracker will track worldwide with incredible accuracy and performance at the right price.

The ultimate GPS car tracker will track worldwide and has an optional magnetic case. The case is a waterproof box with a magnet attached to one side of it. So you can covertly track a car without the occupants being aware. The car tracker has the flexibility to pursue any vehicle for up to twenty days before it needs recharging.

GPS connectivity from inside the car or from under the chassis.

The car tracker will work in the magnetic case outside the car. Or internally without the covert case, from inside the cabin area. Our server platform provides you with tracking coverage worldwide, so you will see exactly where the car goes regardless of where it is in the world.

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The ultimate GPS car tracker will enable you to track a car without the occupants being aware. The GPS car tracker is flexible for tracking any vehicle. This tracker works regardless of how you use it.

Catch cheating partners.

This tracker is so flexible it's ideal for secret investigations, like finding out if your partner is cheating on you. Often you know a specific location that's associated with an unfaithful partner. Once set, the tracker will send you location notifications as soon as it enters an area of suspicion. View automatic historical data saved in your mapping account at any time and see where the tracker has been. There's no need to check the tracking device to see where it's going, like some trackers. All location data is auto uploaded in your mapping account. The data automatically streames to the server and saves as soon as the GPS car Tracker moves.

Private GPS tracking security.

The GPS car tracker can also be used to monitor family members, for instance, new drivers and loved ones. The package offers speed logging data saved in your account for proof of events. The tracker is perfect for any domestic applications. This tracking device will be victorious at detecting the movements of a cheating partner with power standby up to 20 days. So as you might see, the uses for this generic tracking device are infinite.

Ready to use out of the box.

Our GPS car tracker is connected live, ready to use as soon as it arrives at your door. All the server requirements are already programming into the device so you can use it right away. This GPS car tracker GL300 has an optional small magnetic case for covert tracking. The magnets are incredibly strong, making the device very easy to attach to any part of the car chassis.

Please feel free to look at the mapping demo below, and you can log in and use the demo account to see how the server works, have fun! For more information, please contact us or purchase now from this page.

Fully supported GPS car tracker with simultaneous access from multiple devices.

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Click here for a server demo

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