G-Track mini tracking device for tracking people and assets.

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G-Track mini tracking device for tracking people and assets, pocket size for covert operations.

This little bugging device is handy and tiny, so it fits into any coat pocket or asset, lightweight so no one will notice they are carrying it. The device is predominantly a tracking device offering cell mast locations through the aggregator networks. It will not pinpoint directly to where the device is located. Instead, you will get a location approximating the device within 1 mile.

The G-Track mini GPS tracking device is ideal for tracking people and assets, it does not need a server to work, so it offers primitive tracking capability. Still, it also doubles up as a covert spy bug allowing you to listen in.

You can have tracking on a budget, and a spy bug all in one device. The mini tracking device offers both GPS tracking and voice monitoring from your phone. This little device is capable of sending you its location on-demand.

This device is SMS based utilising the cell mast aggregators for location reporting. Meaning you will not get an accurate location of the device, more an approximate location within a one-mile radius. For a professional GPS tracking system capable of extream reporting in real-time, see our car and asset tracking systems.

Get two valuable functions for the price of one with this little smart tracker, and you don't need a server to use it.

Send an SMS message to the tracking device, and it will return a message with a Google link showing you the location. To view the location, click the google link and open the Google map to see exactly where the tracking device is.

Audio monitoring, listen in to the room or car conversations.

It also allows you to call in and listen through the microphones to any sounds in the area.

To hear audio through the tracking device, all you have to do is send a different SMS message. Once the command arrives with the tracking device, it will open its microphone, you then call the bug and listen in to the sounds in the area. Please note this budget device does not deliver premium audio like out professional room bugging devices, view our room bugging device here.

Further options offer flexible car tracking, as the tracking device has a magnetic body, it quickly attaches anywhere on the cars metal body. The magnet is strong and handy for placing the tracking device outside the car or inside the vehicle. It is also useful for attaching the device under a chare in an office or room, for covert audio monitoring.

The mini tracking device does not use our server for data acquisition. The device utilises Google maps for relaying geographical location data, so it works directly with your smartphone on a pay as you go or contract.

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Device control and operation SMS codes.

Sending the following SMS messages, the Text message will instruct it to follow the relative command. Please note there can be a delay in the phone networks during sending and receiving messages. the device also needs a little time to process a location through GPS acquisition so please be patient, this is not a professional GPS system.

  • Record audio SMS 555
  • Delete stored audio SMS 445
  • Listen in function SMS 666
  • GPS location SMS 777
  • Reboot  SMS 999
  • Reset SMS 444
  • Restore factory settings SMS *#*#*#
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