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Checkmate forensic test kit for semen confirmation.

The checkmate forensic test kit will uncover the truth and reveal if a partner has been cheating or not? If proof is what you are looking for, then the Checkmate Infidelity test kit can deliver the results. The Checkmate kit provides forensic analysis of sperm traces on any article or material surface.

Checkmate forensic set.

Law enforcement professionals & forensic investigators initially designed this test kit. Now available to you, so you can test in the privacy of your home. The forensic set is possibly one of the most accurate infidelity test kits on the market. Ideal to catch out a cheating husband or wife.

How does Checkmate work?

Using a series of simple tests the Checkmate kit quickly reveals the presence of semen on clothes and undergarments, the results are 100% guaranteed.

Is Checkmate against the law.

Checkmate was Initially created for law enforcement and CSI forensic organisations only. The kit is legal to own, Investigators and the general public use semsn forensics worldwide.

Sometimes you need to know.

Often when a partner is cheating, it’s a matter of time before they slip up, or you find something out by chance or coincidence. But why wait when you have the means to discover the facts right away with Checkmate.

Commissioning a private detective can be extremely expensive. Did you know a private detective also uses semen forensics to determine the facts? But charge you a lot more for their services.

As you can see, using a professional is good practice but possibly not necessary with the Checkmate forensic set. With checkmate, you privately find out the truth for yourself, and nobody else needs to know.

The Checkmate forensic set is also ideal for child protection. Should you have a suspicion that your loved one may be at risk. Trust in Checkmate for 100% guaranteed results.


  • Checkmate kit.
  • Sealed box.
  • Discreet packaging.

Please see our professional semenspy CSI forensic set.

Weight 0.1 kg

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Tech Specs

  • Semen detection kits.
  • Instruction manual.

You will find lots of videos on YouTube showing you how to use the test. Please also see our instructions tab.  


How to Perform The Checkmate Test. Wet the stain with 2 drops of the liquid from one of the bottle and let the liquid soak into the fabric. This liquefies the biological material in the suspect stain so that it can be extracted from the garment for testing. Hold one of of the five blotting papers down on the wetted stain for 60 seconds or until the paper is fully wetted and then set the paper aside to dry. This transfers the biological material from the garment to the paper there-by eliminating any possibility of staining or damaging the item being tested. There are 5 round 70 mm blotting papers in each kit. These specialized papers can be cut into 4 pieces each to perform even more tests. Using the supplied dropper place 10 ml of the same liquid from bottle into bottle with powder and then shake for 60 seconds. This is very easy to do and the result will be half an ounce of the CheckMate reaction component in bottle with powder which is enough to test about 20 stains. Now use the dropper to put 2 to 3 drops of the mixed CheckMate reaction component onto the paper where you transferred the stain and read the results. The idea in this part of the test is to saturate the entire paper all at once by putting 3 big drops of the reaction component onto the paper. Semen will be indicated in 15 seconds or less by the appearance of deep purple color on the test paper as shown above. When positive the test will begin to turn color within 3 to 5 seconds developing into a very purple color in 15 seconds or less.

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checkmate forensic infidelity test kit


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Checkmate forensic semen test kit.
checkmate forensic infidelity test kit

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