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Sometimes, when you’re trying to get to the bottom of a problem or to find out something that’s been hidden from you, it’s not so much about catching people in the act, it’s about gathering information and evidence.
Pretty much everything we do in life leaves a trail of evidence, whether it’s online, on a hard drive, or as physical traces. Up until recently, the tools needed to collect and analyse evidence from phones and computers, as well as from clothes or other fabrics, was only available to police and forensic teams.

When might you need a forensic kit?
Most consumers (that is, people who don’t use forensic kits as part of their police or detective work) use these kits if they suspect that their partner or spouse is being unfaithful to them.
One of the most popular items in our range of forensic tools is the semen detector kit. Sexual activity can often leave traces of semen behind, especially if no condom is used. Most often, these traces of semen can be found in the person’s underwear, although bed sheets and towels may also bear them.
Our kits can detect the presence of seminal fluid in less than five minutes. We also sell a more accurate detector kit that looks for prostate-specific antigen (PSA), which is only found in semen. Many other kits on the market look for acid-phosphatase, which can also be found in blood platelets and the liver, among other organs. Finding PSA is definitive; it means there are traces of seminal fluid on the item you’re analysing. PSA is still produced even if a man has had a vasectomy.

Uncovering hidden files, phone numbers, documents and online activity
People who are having an affair or committing fraud or other crimes take great care to cover up their activities. They delete text messages, clear their caches, both on their phones and PCs or laptops and may even hide files and documents in secret folders.
If you suspect that someone is keeping secrets from you, then you need to see what they’re doing while they’re online or using their phones. We provide a number of devices that can analyse the content of laptops, phones and PCs, helping you, your loved ones and even your business to stay secure.

Detecting pornographic images
Our Paraben’s porn detection stick uses unique software to run through all the images stored in a computer or phone to look for suspicious ones. The stick actually dismisses images that aren’t suspect, leaving only the ones likely to be pornographic behind for you to review. This stick is useful in businesses, schools and churches, as well as within families.

You can recover deleted information too
Even when information is deleted it leaves a trace that sophisticated software can use to recover it. We can offer you a USB stick that can download and restore deleted files, text messages, GPS locations, calendar items, contact details and similar information from either an iPhone or an Android phone.
None of our detection kits or software need any specialist knowledge or training to use, but we are on hand to offer guidance and advice before you implement them.