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Forensic product information.


Catch a cheating lover with our forensics products.

Forensic product information has long been at the forefront of the investigation world. Using science is possibly one of the best options when you’re trying to get to the bottom of a mystery.

Do it yourself forensic products are easy to use.

Facts and findings often confirm the proof you need, It’s not so much about catching people in the act. More gathering information and evidence to ensure a suspicion is accurate. The facts always draw the correct conclusion. No one can deny the facts, if the science is forensically compiled.

Digital footprints & forensic product information.

Pretty much everything we do in our daily lives leaves a trail of evidence. Whether it’s online, or on a computer hard drive. Up until recently, scientific analyses procedures were only available to professionals. Times have changed and now you can purchase forensic products for home use without breaking any laws.

Forensic product information for beginners.

Most people have not used forensics equipment due to product availability. Forensic products are mostly used by police or private detectives. Technological advances see more industrial items finding their way into the domestic market.

Nowadays you can purchase these fantastic forensic products, and use them yourself.

One of the most popular items in our range of forensic tools is the Semenspy infidelity kit. Sexual activity can often leave traces of semen behind. The Semenspy and Checkmate test kits detect the particles. 

Cheating partners.

Typically a partner could be having an affair, a good way to find out is by using forensic products. People committing crimes take great care to cover up their activities. With an aim of avoiding capture by police.

They delete text messages, clear their computer caches and delete history. Removing data from their phones and PCs. But digital information can not hide from forensics.

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