Encrypted phone

Encrypted phone

The encrypted phone messenger allows you to communicate with confidence, creating a secure environment for your business network.

The Encrypted phone messenger is a software-based application for your smartphone, so it loads onto any Android or Apple iPhone. Once loaded, your communications are secure with military-grade encryption. And the application can not be hacked through penetration testing. The best professional security organisations have correctly tested our system. The program is capable of withstanding penetration hacking to the highest standard.

Encryption Myths.

There is a lot of miss information online in the media regarding what system is secure and what is not. Most messengers like What's app, Wickr, and Signal only provide basic encryption security. Our Encrypted phone messenger is different, a far cry from any open source messengers found on the internet. Our messenger's encryption is currently unbreakable and has no vulnerabilities like the free messengers above. Understanding the difference between a free messenger service and a robust messenger application is complex. Moreover, you need to know that the system your using is fully capable of doing the job.

Basic messengers will not withstand a cyber attack.

Always be aware of systems offered for free online, because they are free for many different reasons. Most do not cover the board area needed to safeguard your phone data and information. There are several challenges when you want to protect your mobile data from hackers, to consider END to END encryption across the airways is just one aspect.

Other aspects of security on a smartphone constitute more than compatibility flaws. for example, a keyboard on your phone is used through any application you load, so you can type. however, porting through a keyboard from the mobile device opens the door to trojans too? As keyloggers read keystrokes on a keyboard. So our messenger avoids this basic vulnerability by generating own keyboard from inside the application eliminating keylogging.

It's astonishing to know that 95% of applications do not accommodate this basic security requirement, but they're safe, right?

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