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Ironkey encrypted USB is the ultimate in personal data protection for all files and cryptocurrencies. If you lose the Ironkey your data will be 100% safe.

Ironkey S1000

Ironkey encrypted USB is a professional encrypted flash drive that guarantees the security of your sensitive data. The portability of the Ironkey makes it perfect for carrying your data with you or working in multi personnel environments.

Diplomatic grade Ironkey encrypted USB unbreakable encryption.

Engineered for security, the Ironkey S1000 is secure from hacking and does not allow others to access the storage on any computer, should you leave it on your desk or lose the USB drive, your data is safe. The Iron key works with Apple Mac IOS and Windows-based operating systems.

Ironkey the ultimate encrypted storage device for files and data.

Many modern businesses have to safeguard their data by Law, and the Iron key delivers the security you need.
The Ironkey encrypted USB is capable of storing any files, such as pictures and PDF files. The security is extremely robust, so the USB drive is also Ideal for holding Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies.

Ironkey metal casing for the modern environment.

Unlike standard USB drives made of plastic, the Iron key is constructed from robust steel alloy rendering it bash proof and constituting a protective environment for the product. It is significantly hard to damage the IronKey physically, so your chances of mechanical failure are dramatically reduced. The metal design also prevents physical entry to the protected circuit board.

Robust anti-hacking preparation as standard.

The Ironkey S100 is specially prepared to withstand electronic attack, so accessing the drive is impossible without the correct password. The password process is created at first startup and will remain in place to protect your data. A cloud-based recovery system is available for your Ironkey S1000 although you do not need to use the cloud system to operate your Ironkey product.

No other USB drive is better for protecting your data.

In a class of its own, the Ironkey drive addresses the current problems and future requirements for stopping data breach and is the perfect tool for total data security. The USB drive offers you total peace of mind in any security environment.

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Ironkey S1000 encrypted flash drive 4Gb

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