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Encrypted computer (SafMac)

Our encrypted computer has two opperating systems loaded offering you MAC IOS and Windows 7 pro operating systems. Ideal for people who like IOS or Windows as preference. The MacBook is for clients who need diplomatic security on a PC. The product provides impenetrable encryption for storage and security as standard. The computer MacBook, offers advanced security that’s easy to use and understand.

Hidden computer security.

This secure Macbook has special features, four stage login, for hidden storage area. The secure area runs windows OS 7 pro operating system, so you have Mac IOS and Windows all on one laptop. All licences are genuine, EG: Pre installed Microsoft office, full version.

Secure operating system included with log in.

Added software items, pre-loaded include full Microsoft office, & keylogger detection, plus malware antivirus. Windows 7 pro OS provides four layers of machine code, to protect back door access through DOS. The Bios of the Mac, averts Dos entry or data recovery through Bios and other techniques.

Encrypted computer advantages.

Our encrypted computer Macbook air is unhackable by conventional means or forensic attack. Ideal for keeping records & conducting secretive iT work, EG banking, secure operation online. (Also ideal for saving records)

Why SafeMac book air?

There are computer products offering security, but our SafeMac guarentees against data breach. Created for VIP’s & professionals, the SafeMac offers Diplomatic grade protection. Anyone can use the system for private use & secure storage.

Computer hardware & specifications.

Our SafeMac, is the latest Macbook air, up to date with specifications and built by Apple. EG: When you buy our SafeMac, you get the current version of MacBook air, available on the market.

Security programs.

The SafeMac is ready to use, with everything pre-loaded for you. Special programs are with in the Windows operating system. Mac side, the Bios, is already prepared to overt Dos atak. Programs include, Tor browsing, VPN, with no monthly charges.

Microsoft Office, full version. Spyware detector, Full windows Encryption program, pre installed. The four stage secure login is editable. Instructions explaining the proses for changing the password.

Overview, Computer “Safemac” security.

  • “SafeMac” Macbook air with two operating systems.
  • 100% safe storage in-penetrable by brute force attack.
  • The operating systems IOS & Windows 7 pro.
  • Four stage covert Log in.
  • Secure Windows 7 Pro OS hidden deep inside.
  • Cloaking software perfect for surfing the web & storage.
  • Security programs pre installed in secure areas.


  • SafeMac book air. (Current version.
  • Pre prepared OS.
  • Charging leads.
  • Power plug.
  • Full operating instructions.

Concerned about your security? maybe we can help?

Weight 100 kg

Spycraft UK

Tech Specs

  • This Macbook is far from a regular Mac Air book.
  • 100% in-penetrable by regular methods or advanced brute force attack.
  • The operating system is like a regular Macbook Air in every way until you click a specific ikon?
  • On demand a special hidden login screen will appear with a covert Log in.
  • Totally UN-hackable safe area on Windows 7 Pro OS hidden deep inside the Macbook.
  • This mac is now windows machine running cloaking software perfect for surfing & saving records.
  • The PC is ideal for storage of regular files or any regular pc data you require, (safe)

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You did not tell me it had all software loaded in the windows system, I did not have to buy office and word lovely. You should put this in your description as it is a major cost for the softwares, It was nice to see it included in the computer.

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Encrypted computer diplomatic security apple laptop


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Encrypted MacBook.
Encrypted computer diplomatic security apple laptop

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