Encrypted mobile phones & app

Encrypted mobile phones & app

MPRIME a professional encrypted mobile phone Application that is robustly tested.

For state of the art properly tested encrypted look no further. 
All our products are properly tested with the right criteria by the right organisations capable of penetration testing and hacking to the highest level.  There is a lot of miss information online and in the media regarding what encryption is secure and what is not.  Most Free messengers such as Whats app, Wickr, Signal and other are very basic entry level End to End encrypted messengers & operate just like Skype offering basic security.
The systems we provide are different as they are pre prepared mobile smart phones, a far cry from any free messenger service mentioned above. Our messengers are designed and tested with Military grade encryption which is currently (unbreakable). Understanding the difference between a free messenger service and a robust END TO END encrypted messenger is difficult if you do not understand the technicalities of why?   
Some of our systems come with a built in PGP email agent option, as well as the private messeging application. Always be aware of systems offered for free or free to download online, they are free for many different reasons and simply do not cover the board area needed to safeguard your data and information.

There are several challenges when you look at protecting you mobile data from hackers, END to END encryption across the airways is just one aspect, free messengers simply don’t cut it and are free because they only provide some very basic protection. Most snooping technophobes will have very little trouble hacking a basic free messenger or smart phone handset.

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  1. Nokia 3310 Anti Interception phone for live calls with complete mobile safety

    Nokia 3310 Anti Interception phantom phone designed for VIP's and diplomatic use. Learn More
    £1,250.00 Price:
  2. Mprime Encrypted Messenger aplication with PGP email & voice notes for Android smart phones

    Mprime Android Messenger totaly unbreakable encrypted messenger also with built in PGP email agent if required. 
    Use your own Android phone incredible performance at a price that's manageable. Instant download, be up and running in a matter of minuets. 

    Apple iPhone iOS avaleble soon.

    Learn More
    £350.00 Price:
  3. Samsung special A5 smart phone with Mprime Encrypted Messenger & secure voice notes

    Mprime private encrypted Messenger - totaly unbreakable encrypted and handset. Learn More
    £1,350.00 Price:
  4. EPAX Encrypted Messenger & PGP email (Android app only)

    EPAX Android Encrypted Messenger total security unbreakable encrypted messenger with PGP email agent. Learn More
    £275.00 Price:

4 Item(s)

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