Robust encrypted systems (Diplomatic specification)

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If you need privacy and security while you’re using communication devices like mobile phones, then we can help you. You may be using voice calls on a mobile phone, sending a text or mixed media message, or even using a landline, but adding in our products, you can be sure that your communication and conversations are safe and secure. By extension this could also mean that you and your family are safe and secure.

All of our products are tested
We take your privacy and security as seriously as you do, so all of our products are thoroughly tested and endorsed.
We do not supply, sell or recommend products that haven’t been through a rigorous testing process by professionals.
This allows us to guarantee that all of our products are free from bugs, hacks and exploits (vulnerable points that hackers can use).
We only stock devices that are 100% secure and safe.
One of the problems with encryption devices is that lots of companies sell them while believing, in good faith, that they’re secure. Many older products, however, have been hacked and compromised, so if you use them, you’re making yourself and possibly your family vulnerable to hackers or other criminals. These suppliers invest thousands of pounds in stock that’s actually outdated or hacked and that no longer works properly. At Spycraft we make sure we update our stock so that we don’t carry any older products or products that are known to have vulnerabilities. All of our devices are 100% secure, according to government-level security organisations.

Our encrypted products and devices
We can offer you a secure MacBook that “behaves” as a regular MacBook until you activate a special icon that brings up a four-stage log-in procedure and an IP-cloaking system so that all your work and even your location is untraceable. This sort of system is used by diplomatic staff, as well as business people, but is also available for consumers now.

Secure smartphone messaging
If you send lots of messages and emails from your Android smartphone then you may benefit from using our secure messenger system, which offers unbreakable encryption with a seamless user interface. Our secure messenger is run and maintained by security experts who perform regular audits and checks. The messenger is also monitored around the clock for any attempts at hacking or unauthorised entry.

Our anti-spy Nokia 3310 mobile phone
This is possibly our flagship communications product. This mobile phone is 100% legal to own within the European Union and it comes with lots of features.
It’s suitable for diplomatic staff as it’s guaranteed to be un-hackable. No-one can intercept this phone, its calls or messages, or the data stored in it.
Its best feature may well be its ability to spoof your location by using the furthest cell-mast from your actual location to fool trackers. This makes finding you or your phone virtually impossible.  While it boasts top-notch, government-level software and features, this special 3310 phone is as easy to use as any other phone. The software is built-in and just works in the background, keeping you and your communications hidden and safe from prying eyes.

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