Credit card wireless payment control (Protect your card)

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Protect your bank credit and debit cards from criminal theft through wireless terminal technology.

Have you experienced missing or unknown payments coming off your credit card?
Did you know thieves have found a way of extracting payments wirelessly from any credit card in close proximity, make sure your card only works for you, when you make a purchase, with this simple solution you can make sure you’re credit card and data is protected from wireless theft.

Credit card wireless payment blocker.

Having the ability to pay for things without having to put your pin into a machine make paying for items so much more easy, with a simple touch of your credit or debit card on the chip and pin terminal you payment is taken and done.

It is a nice and simple way to go about your daily shopping requirements saving you lots of time.
But with all modern conveniences comes the modern criminal approach to harvest opportunity.
Criminals with modified card reading machines are stealing payment of peoples credit cards without them being aware of the transactions.

How does it work?
Credit cards have a short range wireless field allowing the card reader to see the correct data and authorise the sale, the basic machines have an inductance range literally requiring the card to be touched on the base of the machines to scan.

The criminal machines are amped up and have a wireless range of up to one meter meaning somebody could walk past you and scan your card without you knowing, taking a small payment from £20 up to £50 on some credit and debit cards. There is also a threat of obtaining your personal data and cloning your credit card or your personal details for use later on.

(Your credit and debit card holds lots of details about you and can be used to create fake profiles)

Protecting your credit card is simple with our Anti scan RF blocking bags, simple slide your card into the bag and the wireless component is disabled, should you want to use the wireless RF on your card, just slide the card out and scan simple protection.

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