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Test GPS Traking

Connect your tracking device to our super-fast cloud based server.
Purchasing one of our systems is simple click the options you want below.

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You can pay our monthly subscription with PayPal or purchase a block of server
air time, select your preference from the menu above.

Did you know we also support GPS tracking hardware, bring your tracking device over to us today,
connect it below, please see the supported hardware at the bottom of the page.

Selecting how you want to use your tracking device is simple.

We offer a few different ways for you to manage your GPS server payments.

All the systems connected to the GPS server will require a monthly payment or block of server air time, there are
two choices that can be selected from the options at the top of this page.

Selecting a block of 3, 6, or 12 months can save you money as the block is paid in advance so it’s a little bit cheaper
should you want to operate and pay for your GPS server this way.

The other way to pay, is to pay a monthly PayPal subscription fee of £10.00, this method of pament issuers a service
that’s not going to be disrupted.

When you use a monthly subscription you will be in full control of your subscription through your PayPal account and
can simply log into your PayPal account and cancel the subscription at any time without any kind of penalties or notice.

Obviously if you cancel the subscription will not be able to log into your tracking account until you re-open the
subscription or purchase a server air time block.

The payment is as flexible as possible for your convenience and does not have any hidden payment or cancelation
charges etc.

We offer the best free Pay as you go tracking service on the web with no hidden fees or penalties,
there are no contracts and you are free to cancel any time you like, You can also re-open a new subscription
should you want too.

We do not charge any yearly fees for any component of the system, all payments are in advance or by PayPal
monthly subscription costing £10.00 per month per GPS tracking system.

You can connect to our service if you use any of the systems below, the fee is just £10.00 per month, we do not
charge any connection charges for this service etc.

Supported gps tracking products

You do not need to have purchased a tracking device from us to connect to our service.

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