Covert car key spy camera with sound activation

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This covert car key looks like a regular car key remote control.
The spy camera is hidden in the end of the device so it is quite hard to spot. The spy device will record video and audio and has an adjustable sound activation trigger - once sound is picked up it will immediately switch to recording mode capturing all the video and audio around it.
Available with different car manufacturer’s logos, please select the desired logo below.

Covert car key camera recorder

This hidden camera is set into a regular looking car remote control fob with flick out key to mimic a typical car wireless entry key. (Keyless)

Please select your preferred manufacturer badge from the drop down box above; the key comes with BMW, VW, OR Skoda badges – if you do not select any particular badge we will dispatch at random.

As the car key remote looks identical to a typical BMW or similar car key remote control, it is very hard to spot without an extreme close up, the flick out key mimics a typical design of a car key fob with wireless entry so any one who may be suspicious about the device would possible even still be fooled even if they picked it up and took a closer look at it.

The spy cam is located in the top of the device with a separate spy microphone to the side for recording audio.
New higher capacity battery will allow extended working time with up to 2 hours recording of video and audio.
The device also has extended support for up to 32Gb micro TF memory card and can be used with just about any TF card from 1Gb memory up to 32Gb memory.
Play back is simple, plugs directly into a standard computer USB port
on your PC. Easy connection with PC/Laptops, no driver needed. Automatic operating system recognition will load the movie for you without any work required by you.


  • Latest version 3 in 1 function: video record, camera, pc-webcam.
  • Optional function: Motion detection.
  • Audio: high gain microphone.
  • Camera: 5.0 mega pixels. 
  • Format: JPEG 1280 x 960.jpg.
  • PC-Webcam: 640 x 480.
  • Support: for Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win 7/OS/Linux/MAC OS.
  • External Memory: Supports up to 32G TF memory card.
  • Easy playback: PC/Laptops, no driver needed.
  • Rechargeable: high volume lithium-ion battery 300mA.
  • Working time: approximately 2 hours after full charged.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Size: (L x W x H): 70mm x 34mm x 18mm/2.76" x 1.34" x 0.71" (Approx.)

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