The Checkmate forensic test kit is ideal for semen analysis, perfect for adultery investigation

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The Checkmate forensic test kit will confirm the presence of semen.

Is your wife or husband cheating on you?

The Checkmate forensic test produces 100% accurate results guaranteed, if there is semen there then Checkmate will uncover it. 

No private detective required.
Now you conduct your own investigation, in the privacy of your own home.

The Checkmate forensic test kit is ideal for semen analysis, perfect for adultery investigation and finding out if your husband or wife is cheating on you.

The checkmate forensic test kit will uncover the truth and reveal if a partner has been cheating or not? If proof is what you are looking for, then the Checkmate Infidelity test kit will deliver the results either way. The Checkmate kit provides forensic analysis of sperm traces on any article or material and solid surfaces.

Checkmate forensic set.

Law enforcement professional forensic investigators initially designed this test kit. Now on the open market available to you so you can test in the privacy of your home. The forensic set is possibly one of the most accurate infidelity test kits on the market. It will allow you to catch out a cheating husband or wife.

How does Checkmate work?

Using a series of simple tests the Checkmate kit will quickly reveal the presence of Semen on clothes and undergarments, formally used by private investigators, the results are 100% guaranteed.

Checkmate is legal to use.

Checkmate was Initially for law enforcement and CSI forensic organisations only.
Available to all customers and legal to have and own, Investigators and the general public used the kit worldwide. There is no faster forensic way of confirming a spouse is cheating, other than semen analysis.

Some times you need to know.

Often when a partner is cheating on you, it can be a matter of time before they slip up. Or you find out through a fluke or coincidence what have you. But why wait when you have the means to discover the facts right away with Checkmate.

Commissioning a private detective can be extremely expensive, did you know a private detective would also use a Checkmate kit to determine the facts?

As you can see, using a professional is good practice but possible not necessary with the Checkmate forensic set. You can privately find out the truth for your self, and nobody else needs to know. The Checkmate forensic set is also ideal for child protection. Should you have a suspicion that your loved one may be at risk. Trust in Checkmate for 100% guaranteed.

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Key features.

  • Detect a women's sexual activity.
  • Detect a man’s sexual activity.
  • Detect & protect children.
  • Quick and easy multiple use kit performs 5 tests
  • 5-minute Infidelity test.
  • Accurate test results in 5 minutes or less.
  • Designed to work on any type or color of the material.
  • Will not damage or stain the material being tested.
  • 100% effective in the detection of semen traces.
  • Cheating spouses.
  • Child security.
  • Professional forensic tool.
  • Private eyes and detectives.
  • Complete with official evidence bags.
  • Test tubes scalpel & all instruments.
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