Car bugging device hidden in a cigarette lighter charger works like a standard phone charger.

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The car bugging device fits into the car's cigarette lighter providing power for a mobile phone.

The car bugging device looks like a cigarette-lighter charger or a USB adapter. It has a sim card inside it, offering the ability to call in covertly and listen to the audio conversations through a mobile phone. The bug has fantastic performance with crystal clear audio powered by the car lighter port.

The car bugging device fits into the car's cigarette lighter providing power for a mobile phone. The bugging device is secreted in the charger so nobody will suspect its a GSM bug.

The car bugging device has a sim card installed inside it to provide the operator with the ability to call into the device covertly. Once connected, the user can listen in to the sounds in the car through their mobile phone.

Mobile coverage.

Operating on most major mobile and GSM networks worldwide, you will be instantly able to call the device when you want to or set the device into voice alert mode.

In voice alert mode, the device will call your phone as soon as it hears voices or sounds.

Covert hidden bugging device.

This USB car charger works as a charger for phones and other USB gadgets powering all from the standard USB port, hard to spot as it works as a regular charger. The device contains an advanced GSM module with a 24-hour battery backup battery, should you want to call it when it’s not plugged into the car charger port.

Sensitive microphone.

Utilising a sensitive microphone for listening to voice audio and a high gain aerial for mobile phone connectivity, you will get a reliable connection as long as there’s a mobile phone signal. The product has a sim card already installed for you and all the parts needed to allow the most amazing hidden listening bug for cars, vans, and lorries, etc.

Hard to spot.

This covert car bug is something that would not raise suspicion if given as a gift.

Most people might use this device to charge their phone in the car without giving a second thought.

Excellent audio and programmable voice notification by SMS doubles up as a raw GPS tracking device.


  • Locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or internet.
  • GSM dual positioning.
  • Accuracy within 3-5 meters
  • Clear audio of vehicle conversations
  • Vehicle tracking
  • White colour USB car charger
  • User Manual

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