Camera spy watch for men in black anodised metal with an elegant design

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Camera spy watch for men in black.

The Men's camera spy watch has a conservative design. with a sleek metal anodised black finish. It looks just like any other elegant watch, more for the suited gentlemen.

Covertly film audio and video with auto night vision for covert body-worn filming. It's also waterproof with one-touch activation for quick deployment, perfect for proof recording any time.

Camera spy watch for men in black anodised metal with an elegant design.

The camera spy watch will fool anyone looking at its elegant design. Stylish for men, the anodised metal design in shiny black. Solid construction well built with high-resolution video and audio plus night vision. The camera lens situated in the face of the watch is subtle and does not draw attention. Considering the watch is all black, the lens blends into the profile appropriately. The watch will blend into any environment without drawing too much attention. The eye-catching design dissipates the hidden camera in the watch. The pattern of the wristwatch face offers stylish miss direction at a glance ideal for covert filming.

Sign of the times.

In an ever-increasing dangerous world, we find ourselves not only having to protect ourselves from others. But having to prove we did not break the law during the moment. Often responding to a violent or physical attack requires force. It's hard to stop somebody hurting you without actually hurting them first. The problem with this is proving you were acting in self-defence. A video camera in a wristwatch will definitively prove what happened and probably keep you out of jail. This watch provides the user with concrete evidence for proof. Video and audio with time-date stamping and looks very stylish at the same time.

Capture footage day or night.

Ideal for covert filming because the recording mode can be activated very quickly. At the touch of one button, Instantly know you will have secret video and audio recording day or night. You might be surprised just how many people end up in court because they can't prove their attacker hit them first?

Video Playback.

With this watch, you're going to have all the priceless footage recorded for playback on any computer, like Microsoft Windows or Apple machines. The lead plugs directly into the watch by removing a small screwcap. The 3.5 mm jack goes into the watch, and the other end plugs into a standard computer USB port.

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Special hidden functions.

  • HD high resolution video camera 1920* 1080P
  • 30 frames per second
  • Take still shots or record HD video with crystal clear audio
  • Hidden spy microphone
  • Water resistant to 3 ATM (This is not a divers watch)
  • Night vision (Auto built in illuminators for night vision)
  • Built in flash memory 8Gb
  • Battery support time 1.5 hours
  • Power supply 5vDC (Will work with most USB car chargers

Package Included:

  • HD Waterproof Camera 
  • USB Cable
  • User Manua
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