Buy Tracker Control Credits - Pay as you go users only.

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Buy tracker control credits.

Top up the Tracking control credits in your Tracking account. This product is for pay as you go customers only.

Tracking control credits.

Top up the Tracking control credits in your Tracking account. Tracker control credits apply when you send a command to your tracking system from the web site.
Once you send an order to, your tracking device will follow the command until you send a new command.

EG: If you send a command from your tracking account telling your tracking device to report every 5 minutes, your tracker will report every 5 minutes forever.
Only one tracking control credit is required. If you need more control credits, please click here and select the quantity required.

Geographical alerts.

Every time you set a goe fence and receive a trigger alert, it will cost you one credit. We have fees for our international SMS gateway which we need to cover. Be sure to delete any unwanted geo fences you set, to limit your credit usage. You may want to step up to one of our all-inclusive tracking packages. Please feel free to ask us a question about tracking package options or see the page here.

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Buy tracker control credits.

Top up your tracking control credit if required.

Once you purchase your tracking credits here they will arrive into your account automatically.

If the credits do not appear right away please be patient as there can sometimes be time zone issues with international server platforms.

We recommend you purchase some credits before you totally run out this way you will not get caught short in the event of a late purchase or update.

Server packages

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Worldwide service!

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PDA and smartphone access.

Loading the tracking application on your smartphone is easy.

Take your mobile phone and open a browser, we recommend Google Chrome. But you can use other browsers.

Type the link below directly into your browser window, be careful typing so you don't type it wrong.

Replace XXXXXX with your login user number.

Replace the XXXX with your login password.

EG: Demo tracker.

That's it, no other software is required, no Google Play and no Apple store is required.

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