Mobile phone security

Mobile phone security

Mobile phone security is now a big part of counter-surveillance services. Check your phone for spyware. Follow the information below and do it your self for a quick insight into the complexities of electronic security.

Read below, a low tech solution to eliminate spyware, and check your mobile phone security. We can screen mobile phones for you, or you can check it your self. You can clean your mobile phone, whether it's an iPhone or Samsung Android phone. Following the simple procedure below will allow you to eliminate spy software embedded in the phone. The low tech process will also screen your phone number and may give you some insight into the dark work of digital surveillance.

Mobile phone spy software.

Most spy software will survive removal if you are only changing your sim card. You need to do a factory restore first, then change sim card. Switching to a new sim card is simple if you're not bothered about your current number. If you want a pay as you go sim card with a unique phone number, change the sim. 

Eliminate spy software on your mobile phone.

All our sim cards work in all phones contract or pay as you go. But if you have a phone number, you might not want to change or lose your phone number. To resolve this, you should request a new sim card from your provider, call them and explain you are having difficulties with your phone and would like to try a new sim card with the same phone number. If you are using a contract sim, you will find most providers will send you a new sim card free of charge, swap the sim for the new sim this will retain your number.

What does this achieve?

Your new sim card will be issued and will have a unique IMSI number allocated to it as soon as you power up the phone. The new IMSI will assist you with the elimination of diverts and IMSI acquisitions. You have also reset your phone to factory defaults, and you are now free of old spy software and issues that may have been present. 

(GSM Interception is a different and tricky problem to resolve than a Trojan based spy product)

Follow the instructions below.

Next recommendation.

Please make a backup so you can rerun this procedure should you need to do it again in the future. 

Most smartphone providers offer a backup service free of charge, EG: Samsung cloud or iPhone cloud.

Only make this back up once the phone is clean; otherwise, you will back up any spy Trojan present with the "Clean back up."

We recommend you load a free antivirus like AVAST or similar once your phone is nice and clean, this will help you stay secure to a degree and make life harder for Trojans and spy software to be reinstalled.

Setting a sim card lock on the phone will ensure no one will be able to install a spy software pack in the future - see the Avast web site and read about further security enhancements for your smartphone.

Bug sweep services.

If you are unsure or feel you need a full bug sweep service then please get in touch, we will provide you with a full systems check, and scan everything in the area of concern.

After the test, we will provide you with a full report of the finding and consult with you through the process, you will be much better informed and prepared, after the experience. Our consultation will show you how to tackle modern security threats, whilst giving you choices to implement for future security to safeguard your operations. please click here to read more info regarding a full bug sweep.