Bug sweep

Bug sweep

Are you thinking about a bug sweep & you’re electronic security?

If you are going to commission a bug sweep or similar counter surveillance test, make sure you take some time to consider all the areas.

You should be asking yourself a few questions about what you are trying to achieve and who you are using for the task, see some of the basics below.

  • Will you be looking for all the different types of wireless audio bugs
  • Can you find filming equipment that’s not transmitting
  • Will you look at my cctv and Wi-Fi security system
  • Do you check my phone line and phone system
  • Do you have the capability to discover dormant bugging devices
  • Will you analyse my internal and external Wi-Fi networks.
  • When will you conduct the inspection and how long will it take
  • Do I need to submit my mobile phone to you for tests
  • Do you have to drive my vehicles or car to check for GPS tracking equipment
  • What sort of bugging device may be in my vehicles
  • Do you check my computer for Malware and Trojan spy ware
  • Can you explain to me in simple terms what you will be doing
  • Do you provide a full consultation service before and after the task is finished
  • Do you have to check my staff or other people close to me
  • Can you recommend what measures I should take given the result of the search
  • Is what you are doing legal and am I breaking the law in any way
  • Is it true that somebody can hack through my phone and view images through the camera

Above are a few pointers for you to work with, hopefully you will be using a professional who is experienced and understands fact from fiction.  
Having the knowledge to run the correct tests requires experience & understanding.

Some aspects of the task can be very low tech and must be acknowledged before you continue with any plan to secure your electronic environment.