Bug sweep services

Bug sweep services

Spycraft® Bug sweep services. 
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Spycraft are registered with data protection and guarantee a discreet service to all customers VIP, corporate & private.
Its easy to make a common mistake when you commission a company or individual for a bug sweep specially if you have not been recommended.

The TSCM & “Bug Sweep” industry 
This area of expertise has been exploited by many for financial gains, the business is truly a dark art & many providers
know how to make money from the task without actually providing a proper service to the customer.
Other providers are unaware of the knowledge base or general technical levels required to conduct the service properly.
Large marketing corporations will advertise heavily for any company or person providing the service who is ready to
pay the large premiums for exposure, in the hope of finding a large customer or client looking for a bug sweep.

The tasks surrounding most bug sweep service can be very technical to explain to somebody trying to commission a service.
Did you know half the people & companies offering bug sweep services online do not really understand what they are doing? Some may be lost in fiction v reality & others may bombard clients with technical rubbish that’s simply not necessary. Many have not moved with the times or do not understand modern bugging techniques; this could have left them technically behind with their knowledge base as well as other aspects including out-dated equipment. Startling as this may sound there are many different problems with in the industry as many offer the TSCM service that is simply not good enough.

Not all GPS tracking systems need to be fitted to a car? why bother tracking a car when you can easily track a smart phone guaranteeing your inteligence. More over listen through the phone's microphone or view live streaming video through the phones camera, fiction? no, fact.

Beside from some basic bugging devices there are many other aspects and techniques for extracting sensitive data from a meeting room, not all bugs transmit and not all bugs are obvious connections to a phone line or little boxes hidden under a desk or chair.

The truth is cell phone or GSM technology has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for streaming live video or listening into a conversation in a room. For as little as £50 you might even intercept or listen to somebodies private mobile phone conversation, all these security aspects need examination if a sweep is to have any success at all. Below are some basic bugs that can be purchased by any one for less than £30 some of the items below will allow the user

to listen into your conversations from their cell phone, from anywhere in the world.
These type of bugs below are toys compared to other more advanced system available.




Smaller then a lighter! (FULL GPS - LIVE TRACKER 30u$)

Some modern Equipment used for bug sweeping is very technical indeed, some users do not 100% understand their own equipment, this compounds the issue & adds to the shortfall in technical understanding of the task. 
This scenario generally adds to the lack of service seriously missing important aspects of the task. If the individual conducting the service has a week knowledge base then this also is a big flaw, regardless of what equipment they are using.

Spycraft Consultation
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