Bug detection devices

Bug detection devices

Bug detector and counter spy detection electronics.

Basic or advanced bugging equipment may be present in your private home or business place, there are so many ways to extract secretive voice data or covertly film over the mobile phone networks.
We have been in the counter spy business for 30 years and have examined most of the modern techniques and products that have evolved over the years for audio bugging and secret filming.
Modern products can be quite sophisticated requiring specialises bug detection equipment to acknowledge the signals emanating from the device.
We have selected specific bug detection equipment with easy to use menus that provide automated top performance so you can understand how to use the product rather than having to attend an advanced counter surveillance training course beforehand.
All the bug detectors below are able to detect and analyse many different types of spy electronics and spy systems at work in the world today.
We provide bug detectors that can find a hidden GPS tracker and provide you with a simple analysis of mobile phone spy software with a view to detecting advanced systems.


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  1. WAM-108t Bug Detector wide band sweep tool and mobile signal analyser

    Price match WAM108t

    The WAM108T bug sweep device is possibly the best counter surveillance product in its class.
    If you provide a service for others or just need the best hand held bug detector for private use.
    This is the product for anyone who needs a powerful portable bug detector to sweep on the move.

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    £3,495.00 Price:
  2. New

    PRO-W10GX bug detector and directional spy signal analyse

    price match prow10gx

    PRO-W10GX Bug detector detector & spy signal analyser

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    £1,600.00 Price:
  3. PRO-M10FX bug detector wide band Hurry only while stocks last !

    Price match PROM10FX

    PRO-M10FX Dual Mode Wideband RF & GSM/3G bug Detector.
    Welcome to the world of advanced detection techniques, This product is perfect for general purpose detection of many bugs both RF and GSM but it is also excelent for finding out if your car has a GPS tracker hidden on it, the detector can switch between general RF radio signals and isolate GSM mobile phone signals at the touch of one button, this make detection of rogue GPS trackers easy as most GPS tracking devices use the mobile phone networks to send there sinister data?

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    £1,595.00 Price:
  4. Pro-SL8 bug detector advanced sweeping in a pocket size unit

    price match PRO-SL8

    Pro-SL8 bug detector hand held bug sweep device, perfect for beginers who need a powerfull bug detector but do not understand all the technical jargon,
    If you think you are being bugged or you think there may be a GPS tracker on your car then this is the product for you.
    Also ideal for body guards and close protection personnel, quick, fast, reliable and easy to use.

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    £1,195.00 Price:
  5. Pro7000fx Bug detector and sweep tool ( Hurry only while stocks last ! )

    price match pro700fx

    Pro7000fx Bug detection & GPS tracker detector

    (Hurry only while stocks last)

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    £1,195.00 Price:
  6. Pro6000 classic bug detector ( Hurry only while stocks last ! )

    Pro6000 bug detector pocket size product with de-modulation Learn More
    £475.00 Price:
  7. Basic pocket size Bug detector

    Basic pocket size bug detector Learn More
    £29.95 Price:
  8. RF Bug detector with Infra red spy camera strobe

    RF Bug and spy camera detector Learn More
    £29.95 Price:
  9. Bug detector BH-03 (3G & 4G)

    Bug detector BH-03 (3G & 4G) Learn More
    £650.00 Price:
  10. Bug detector credit card size covert BugHunter CR-01

    Bug detector credit card size easy to carry for portable covert protection Learn More
    £229.00 Price:
  11. Good quality Infra red camera scanner for pin whole spy cameras

    Camera detector with Infra red strobe light for finding pin whole spy camera Learn More
    £139.00 Price:
  12. The spy pen has a built in covert spy camera detector

    Wireless bug detector pen will pick up digital cameras operating arround 2.4GHz Learn More
    £9.95 Price:
  13. 15%off

    Blue check bug detector with 3G

    Blue check bug detector with 3G Learn More

    Old Price: £195.00

    £165.00 Special Price

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