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If you need to make sure that your house, your devices and your car aren’t bugged, then you’ll need to use up-to-date and sophisticated bug detectors and bug-sweeping equipment. Here at Spycraft we stock a wide range of detectors and other counter-surveillance devices, from basic bug detectors to the more advanced bug sweep equipment.  We can get your devices to you by the next day for no additional delivery charge, so you can start looking for bugs right away.  We also carry a wide range of spy camera detectors to suit all budgets, from professional level to domestic level systems.

We suit all price ranges
We aim to supply our devices at the fairest prices possible so that security and peace of mind is available to as many people as we can reach. Spycraft has selected the best and most user-friendly systems available anywhere in the world so both beginners and seasoned professionals alike can use them. Some of our detectors can perform an advanced analysis of any radio-frequency environment to rapidly search out bugs or any other type of spy device.

What you need to look for
When you need to scan an area for any hidden bug or spy camera you can get confused as you may not know what device you need. You need to know exactly what your chosen device can and can’t do if you’re to perform a successful sweep for transmissions, so it’s important to talk to us first.
Spycraft has been in business for more than 20 years and we’ve all worked in the industry in a professional capacity. While we can supply you with a basic bug detector, the chances are that you’ll need something more sophisticated, which is why we want to talk to you before offering you a device. It’s vital that you know what the detector is capable of looking for and finding.

We can perform sweeps for you
Alternatively, we can do a bug sweep for you, or provide you with other technical surveillance counter-measure (TSCM) services. We can offer many TSCM services and checks, not just bug detection so do call for a chat if you need us.

Our bug detectors
Our detectors range from “pens” that cost less than £30 to the WAM108t, which costs almost £3,500 and can detect all manner of transmission devices for total peace of mind. This device can scan eight RF bands at once, from up to 50 metres away and shows you “event” spikes in real-time. It also stores the information it collects in a log that can be downloaded onto a computer and viewed later.
You can also buy camera and tracker detectors from us for very competitive prices, with many of our products giving you the option to be alerted by vibration for enhanced discretion and security. Many modern bugs and surveillance equipment only transmit for very short bursts in an attempt to avoid detection, so we also stock devices that are capable of finding these, too.