EMF bug detector with radio magnetic sensitivity

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This EMF bug detector is just amazing for its price.

Comes with a unique radio magnetic signal probe allowing you to detect EMF fields coming from just about any electrical device it’s just “Brilliant” helps to also seek out dormant bugs not transmitting as well as real time active spy transmitters - also detect wired spy camera lenses with the built in strobe you can look through the lenses of the detector and quickly spot hidden pin whole cameras as they become illuminated by the LED strobe.

EMF bug detector with radio magnetic probe for sensitivity.

This bug detector incorporates a special function only found in advanced systems - It will most all electronic devices weather they are transmitting or not.

EMF bug detector with radio magnetic signal acknowledgment probe will allow you to seek out dormant bugs that are not transmitting and also detect wired spy camera lenses through radiation emissions.

One of the problematic scenarios you face when looking for radio transmitters is finding devices that may not be transmitting at the time you are checking for them. This low cost detector comes with quite a large band width as well as a lens detector to high light pin whole cameras.
The special function of this device is its ability to detect low level radiation emitted from all electronic devices, in simple this means you will be able to use the supplied EMF probe that is capable of detecting spy frequencies emitted from advanced spy products that are not actively sending a signal, this includes smart phone running over the GSM 3G and 4G networks and GSM bugs weather they are actively transmitting or not.

Although the performance of this device is a little crewed in comparison to most professional devices, there are some very attractive benefits, not to mention the price and the bug detectors three main functions.
Detect hidden bugs both GSM and RF – detect camera lenses wired or wireless – Acknowledge electronics weather then are transmitting or not.


  • Frequency range1MHZ-8000MHZ.
  • Wireless range 1MHz to 6.5GHz
  • High sensitivity adjustable threshol
  • Board range frequency detection
  • 9 chaplet  LED indicator
  • Audible progressive alternating alarm
  • Radio frequencies include UHF, VHF, FM, WFM, AM
  • Mobile, signal detection 2G, 3G, 4G up to 10 meters.
  • High speed GPS locator packet locator
  • 1.2 /2.4 /5.8GHZ wireless camera frequencies
  • Rechargeable 3.7 - V800mAH  lithium  polymer  battery
  • Working current 60mA
  • working time 10-15 hours
  • Body build plastic
  • total weight 160g
  • Size 117*56*20mm
  • Charge: 5-6VDC
  • Battery capacity  3.7V DC 400mA
  • Detection dynamic range >73Db
  • detection sensitivity ≤0.03mw(main frequency)

Brilliant !

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