Complete bug detector scan for RF inc 3G - 4G

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This device may seem like a budget bug detector but it is actualy very good for its price.
The build quality is excellent and its performance is outstanding considering its price tag.
You simply will not find any bug detector capable of detection such a wide band of frequencies.
See signals from audio bugs and wireless camera based spy equipment.
The advanced receptivity of this crewed device will also see 3G and 4G mobile phone signals up to 10 meters away, this one is a must buy for any user as it’s the first low cost device capable of taking on the massive task of today’s ever growing spy electronic industry

Complete budget bug detector for RF signals inc 3G and 4G

This bug detector is pocket size and is without a doubt excellent considering the cost in comparison to many other advanced systems.

Most advanced counter surveillance systems will cope with the demanding band width required for the detection of modern bugging signals including those found within the mobile phone range frequencies. To date there has not really been any product outside of a professional device, capable of detecting spy frequencies emitted from advanced spy products including smart phone running over the GSM 3G and 4G networks.

Although the performance of this device is a little crewed in comparison to a professional device, there are some very attractive benefits, not to mention the price.
Costing far less than an advanced system this budget detector is really armed to see the frequency range required to detect spy equipment. You will not find anything like this device that can see 3G and 4G phone signals for less than £1600 at this moment in time.

Although more expensive bug detection product are much better in general, this device has the capability to see a vast array of RF frequencies emitted by GPS trackers and mobile phone signal based devices.
The detector is ideal for anyone looking for pocket size bug detector that can help you sweep your home and car for spy devices including hidden GPS tracking systems.


High sensitivity adjustable threshold
Board range frequency detection
9 chaplet  LED indicator 
Audible progressive alternating alarm
Radio frequencies include UHF, VHF, FM, WFM, AM
Mobile, signal detection 2G, 3G, 4G up to 10 meters.
High speed GPS locator packet locator 
1.2 /2.4 /5.8GHZ wireless camera frequencies 
Rechargeable 3.7 - V800mAH  lithium  polymer  battery
Working current 60mA 
working time 10-15 hours
Body build aluminium alloy 
total weight:160g
Size 102x52.5x21.5mm
Frequency Range 1MHz-8000MHz 
Detection dynamic range >73Db 
detection sensitivity ≤0.03mw(main frequency)

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