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PRO-M10FX Dual Mode Wideband RF & GSM/3G bug Detector.
Welcome to the world of advanced detection techniques, This product is perfect for general purpose detection of many bugs both RF and GSM but it is also excelent for finding out if your car has a GPS tracker hidden on it, the detector can switch between general RF radio signals and isolate GSM mobile phone signals at the touch of one button, this make detection of rogue GPS trackers easy as most GPS tracking devices use the mobile phone networks to send there sinister data?

PRO-M10FX Dual Mode Wideband RF & GSM/3G Detector

This is a must for any one serious about TSCM and professional bug sweep capability on the move or stationary.
This device will outperform many product currently on the world market although best used in the UK or EU .
In tests the filters in the PROM10FX lend themselves best to the common cell frequencies in UK and EU.
However for the USA & South America a better option may be the PRO7000FX rather than this unit.

Never has there been a device on the market that can cope with the RF environment & simply notify the user clearly in real time, the unit has a built in frequency filter allowing the user to quickly switch from full RF radio mode to GSM / 3G detection mode, this makes the detector excellent for detecting vehicle tracking devices as well as general bug sweep tasks. If you have a budget then this is the most complete tool you will find on the market that’s simple to understand and will scan the area of interest displaying the frequencies on the built in RF counter.

• Two built in RF Detectors - 0 – 10 GHz & GSM/3G
• RF Detectors can operate independently or simultaneously for maximum flexibility
• Cellular Mode - Detects GSM900, GSM1800 and 3G(UMTS2100) devices
• Ultra-Sensitive - Detects signals from up to 10 metres
• Detected Band/Frequency indicator to help identify device/network type
• Digital ‘Burst’ Signal Detect for GSM/3G Tracker/SMS(Text) detection
• Wideband Mode - Ultra Wide Frequency response 10,000MHz (10 GHz)
• Built in Frequency Counter (0 to 2800 MHz)
• Intelligent ‘Digital’ or ‘Analogue’ Indicator to determine signal type
• 10 Segment Signal Strength Meter
• Ultra High Sensitivity to locate even the weakest signals
• Backlit LCD Display for use in all conditions
• Audio Demodulation
• Silent Vibrate & Beep Modes for Signal Strength
• Internal Li-Ion Battery Pack and Mains Charger
• Machined Aluminium enclosure for ultimate durability
• Supplied in Heavy Duty Carrycase. 

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