Basic pocket bug detector

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Basic pocket bug detector.

Quick and portable, for detection of radio frequencies and hidden wireless spy cameras.

The device will pick up signals in the range of UHF – VHF – FM – WFM – 2.4GH – WFM and wifi covers some basic radio bugging frequencies.

Basic pocket bug detector.

The Basic pocket bug detector is a bug detection device can scan RF radio waves up to 6Ghz! The pocket bug detector is not expensive but works well-allowing detection of raw RF signals at close range frequencies and some GSM cellular frequencies transmissions, but it does not see 3g or 4g.

The bug detector device.

This basic pocket bug detector comes with an earpiece for audio. So the user can hear some audio crackling as the signal source approaches, the stronger the sound and vibration the closer you are to the source of the transmission.

Anybody can use this detector, but it is only a basic bug detector capable of detecting UHF and VHF type signals. Modern bugging devices use cellular networks for transmissions. It is essential to consider that the bug detector will only be scanning 50% of possible bugging devices. It will, however, detect wireless hidden camera signals on 2.4GHz and 5.2GHz.


  • Regular batteries.
  • Vibration mode.
  • Audio earpiece.
  • Telescopic antenna.
  • Scans up to a massive 6GHz!
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