Nokia 3310 ghost phone classic audio surveillance & security monitoring

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Nokia 3310 classic mobile phone is a basic audio bugging device that can be used for audio security and text message content. The phone can appear switched off but allow you to dial into it and listen to room conversations through the phones microphone; with a large battery you get good standby and performance from the device. No one would suspect the phone was a live bugging device as it simple looks like an old mobile phone that has not been used for years.

The classic Nokia 3310 ghost phone.

Ideal for many applications as well as basic room bugging, the Nokia looks and works like a regular mobile phone but has hidden features.

You can leave this phone in a room and simply call into it from your specific number, once you call the device it will open and allow you to hear all the voice conversations and sounds present.
The phone will not show any notifications when you call it from your pre-programed number, no notifications or ringing sounds will alert any one that you are listening in.

The text message functions will allow you to receive any text messages sent and received to the Nokia, monitor the text message content and listen in through the amplified microphone.
Simple operation and easy to use – this product is stable and very affective.

Ideal for catching out cheating spouses and employs who may be up to no good to name a few uses.
Some room bugs can be found but this Nokia is a bugging device that can be left on the side board or plugged into a charger which ever. (Just looks like a spare phone to onlookers)

Check the quality of care being offered to your elderly loved ones.
Listen to conversations in any room or place of work.
Listen to your staff in your place of work to make sure you’re not being robbed.
Find out what “Friends” really think of you.
Listen to conversations in the car and track the phone online (Independent service provided)
Monitor the baby sitter or anyone in the room whilst your child is present

  • Standard phone in every way
  • Works just like any other Nokia 3310
  • Battery power 900mAh removable battery
  • Talk time 2.5 - 4 hours (Depending on GSM connectivity)
  • Standby time 55 hours
  • Works while charging

If you have struggled with spy software or spy monitoring phones in the past then you can rest assured this one is easy and simple to use, the budget price also ensures it will not break the bank if its lost or broken, costs les then some room bugs on the market and stands by for a decent time due to the large battery pack in the phone.

View operating instructions for the Nokia click here

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